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HdL Companies help public agencies in the US maximize revenue
through a combination of services including auditing, improving operations, and recovering lost funds.

HdL partners with over 700 government agencies across the U.S. and has recovered more than $3 billion in revenue for our clients.

The Challenge


HDL, a data-driven company, faced significant challenges in managing and comparing leads from various sources. They needed the ability to compare different data sources, specifically address matching and other criteria to determine if a match occurred.

To achieve this, they would manually compare spreadsheets with VLOOKUPs, which was inefficient and lacked clear matching criteria. Moreover, they didn’t have a clear fuzzy logic definition to cater to the complexities of multiple data sources.

There was no easy way to bring together complex data from different divisions of the same company as they would always have to request a license or for the format of the exported data to be treated before it could be used to match for analysis. Moreover, the lack of an automated process to compare files and use an automated match logic to identify potential duplicates was costing the team more time and effort than was necessary.

They needed a solution that could be integrated within their lead match tool, which could not only match fuzzy data but also provide a match score based on a custom-defined fuzzy match logic.

The Solution

Using WinPure’s data match technology for lead match & scoring

HDL discovered WinPure when searching for an out-of-the-box matching tool that could integrate their data sources directly, and provide match scores based on custom logic definitions. The ultimate goal was to determine potential lead matches based on a fuzzy match logic that could be used to verify and match address data as well. Eventually, the goal was to match potential leads and assign a match score to each one.

Once WinPure’s data match technology was integrated within our custom app, we generated over $1M just off that tool.

The HDL team discovered WinPure’s data match API that could easily be integrated into a custom app that they were building to manage lead quality. With the HDL team’s app doing the cleaning, WinPure’s API would be used to match leads and assign a match score based on lead similarity.

With WinPure’s integrated data match technology, the HDL team was able to improve processes within a year, leading to improved process efficiency as well as increased revenue!

Results & Benefits

Based on this combination, HDL was able to:

  • Increase efficiency in lead generation by over 50%.
  • Generated over $1 million in new revenue using WinPure-based lead matching
  • Improved tax delinquency follow-up through better data matching

From the onset of the project, our support team established a direct and effortless collaboration with the HDL team, facilitating immediate responses for resolving time-sensitive challenges like licensing and registration requirements.This case study exemplifies not just a successful integration of technologies, but also a partnership that has flourished based on trust, effective communication, and collaboration solidifying our commitment to providing support at all levels.

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WinPure has been a valuable tool for HDL, leading to significant improvements in data matching and lead generation. We are looking forward to the continued partnership and exploring new WinPure offerings like the entity resolution tool and potential cloud-based solutions.​

Jim Brashears

Software Development Manager

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