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Signetor Limited is a supply chain and asset management organization that helps businesses with process innovation, technical integrations,inventory control and other key services.

Signetor has worked with some of the largest organizations in the UK including the NHS, PWC, and Ernest J. George & Company to name a few.

The Challenge

Signetor Limited Case Study Spreadsheets Affected Efficiency & Accuracy

Being an asset management and supply chain management organization, Signetor deals with complex data structures and provides key services like matching organizational stock data with internal and external data sources to help organizations create financial reports as well as stock and inventory reports.

In addition, Signetor also works closely with organizations to simplify complex data sets, allowing stakeholders to quickly discern patterns, detect anomalies, and identify key areas of concern or opportunity. With so much at stake, Signetor could not rely on Excel and VLookUps to sort, match, or consolidate complex data sets. Not only was it time-consuming, but it was also difficult to merge unique data sets.

The Solution

Using WinPure’s Fuzzy Match Technology and Word Manager for Custom Cleansing & Matching

After trying Data Ladder, Signetor sought out a superior alternative. Their search led them to WinPure, where the team’s exceptional customer service and remarkable efficiency in addressing the company’s data management challenges convinced Signetor to make the switch! The WinPure team went the extra mile by developing a custom feature to classify product data into columns categorized by length, width, and type!

One of the standout features that Signetor benefited from was WinPure’s powerful fuzzy matching technology to seamlessly merge duplicate data. They were able to replace the use of spreadsheets with WinPure’s fuzzy match and achieved better results with the seamless reconciliation of similar records across disparate datasets.

Additionally, the team also benefited from WinPure’s Word Manager and Knowledge-based Library which serves as an intelligent data standardization and enrichment unit. It allows users to create custom dictionaries that can be used to quickly standardize columns in bulk. By tapping into this extensive library of pre-configured rules, and algorithms, Signetor could automate data merging processes, saving valuable time and resources, while maintaining data integry.

Results & Benefits

By integrating the software into their workflow, Signetor was able to:

  • Improve the speed of response to customer requirements by 2X times
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing manual cleansing on spreadsheets
  • Gained more business with improved processes & faster response times!


I would recommend WinPure for the ease of use, the automation, and the ability to bring in data from a good variety of data sources. The software stands out by itself but the ongoing account management is always fast and very helpful.​

David Wall

Operations Director

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