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The #1 solution to clean, correct, standardize and remove all duplications from your marketing / mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, CRM’s and more.  



Integrate advanced data cleaning and sophisticated fuzzy data matching into your applications. Sample code included for Visual Basic and c#



Ensure all your email addresses are validated securely and easily, with the best possible sender score, and with multiple tiers of service, we offer something to fit all budgets.

Why use WinPure for Data Cleansing & Data Matching?

Solutions for a competitive advantage

Simple to use, yet extremely powerful. Ask our users. Our award-winning  software helps business users across many industries manage their data more effectively and drive their bottom line.

Value for money. We understand data cleansing and data deduplication software can save your business time and money.

WinPure Worldwide. Users in over 30 countries and across 5 continents now rely on WinPure software to help improve the quality of their information.

Development through research. What makes WinPure stand out? Most users will tell you its the easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to perform time consuming and complex data cleaning and deduplication tasks on their lists and databases.

WinPure listens and implements: The success of our software has been the ability to listen to our customers and implement changes that are continually helping to improve and create new WinPure products.

The WinPure Brand – Making list/data cleansing and data deduplication easy and affordable. Until now, data cleansing and data matching was a very expensive and difficult task.


  • Always Recommending WinPure

    A very powerful but easy to use tool to for cleansing and removing duplicates from databases.  I have used Clean & Match for many of my clients, and I am regular recommending this product to other companies.

    Naveed B
    Naveed B IT Consultant
  • Excellent Software & Support

    WinPure is a really great product, we've been using it with excellent results for many years now, for finding and removing duplicate records and to keep our lists and database more accurate.

    Richard F
    Richard F Company Owner
  • Excellent Product & Customer Service.

    We perform multiple matching projects for our clients and WinPure has filled the bill for these. The product is easy to use and we can complete a large matches in a very short time.

    Edward B
    Edward B Company Owner
  • Great Data Quality Software

    WinPure Clean & Match works great to analyze data and find duplicates. It saves us tons of money when mailing catalogs.  This is a great product for the money and easy to use.

    Cynthia T
    Cynthia T Director of Information Technology

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