Trade Association


Trade Association

The safe trading department of this organization is responsible for ensuring secure trading practices by preventing members from engaging or trading with blacklisted companies.

When it comes to identifying blacklisted companies, a strong data matching engine is required to cross-ference and identify potential violations. WinPure’s data cleaning and matching function allows for companies to easily match multiple data sets to extract data that would generally be difficult to identify using Excel or other traditional methods.


The Challenge

The department receives and processes monthly data shipments from customs in various countries. They required a solution to match this data against their existing databases and identify any traders associated with blacklisted companies. 

The Solution

During their search for a suitable solution, the department discovered WinPure and also received recommendations from a trusted source. They were specifically looking for a non-code solution that could effectively address their requirements, making WinPure the preferred choice. Although the department did check other solutions, ultimately, the decision to work with WinPure was based on the software’s data-matching capabilities.

Some of the key features the department used included: 

  • CleanMatrix
  • WordManager
  • Matching One List
  • Matching Multiple Lists

Results and Business Process Enhancements: 

Since implementing WinPure, the department has experienced significant time savings in its trading verification processes. The software’s efficient data-matching capabilities have streamlined their workflows, allowing them to identify potential violations promptly. This has reduced costs and time spent on manual checks, enhancing overall business efficiency.

We are very happy with WinPure. It is time-saving and the experience so far has been excellent. Kathryn is simply marvellous!


Maria German

Sales Officer