Out-of-the-box data matching tool for complex duplicate data

WinPure uses a combination of data matching methods – fuzzy, numeric, exact and proprietary algorithm to beat duplicate data with outstanding accuracy. Test it to believe it.

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Are ‘Olie’ & ‘Oliver’ the same person?
Verify with data matching software

WinPure’s proprietary fuzzy match algorithms go beyond basic string matching to identify and resolve non-exact matches in your data. Our intelligent technology understands the nuances of human error and similar-sounding names, ensuring you can catch duplicates with the highest levels of accuracy. The best part? You get to create custom rules, set up dictionaries, and define your match conditions!

Clean&Match fuzzy matching (2)
Clean&Match fuzzy matching (2)

Key data matching features unique to WinPure

Add conditions & rules to match across within & across columns

Go beyond simple string matching. Enjoy the flexibility of custom conditions and rules to match data across and within columns. You can define complex matching criteria that factor in typos, variations, and specific data patterns. Achieve highly accurate results with granular control over data matching processes.

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WinPure data matching

Create golden records with a range of record match options

Benefit from a range of data match options – creating master records, updating entries and overwriting results. Once done simply export the data to your preferred file format. Resolve duplicates and create golden records while optimizing for quality and consistency.

Build a knowledge base library

Enjoy a boost to accuracy for address-specific data entries with WinPure’s Knowledge Base library. Our library recognizes and highlights common variations in your data, allowing you to optimize “Address Parts” with entries for “Str (Street)”, “Ave (Avenue)” and so on. Experience an intelligent approach to clean and unified data.

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How customers use data matching
(and the results they achieved!)

  • Name matching with fuzzy logic – users were able to resolve identities with the help of fuzzy matching logic that detected phonetic, miskeyed, and abbreviated variations
  • Street address matching – most street addresses are incomplete or abbreviated, but WinPure’s fuzzy logic was used to match & consolidate varying addresses
  • Multi-level match definitions – WinPure enables users to create single or multi-level match definitions for specific outcomes
  • 50% improved efficiency – companies reported an increase in efficiency with fast data matching and an even faster ability to set master records
  • Savings of millions – companies were able to save millions in hiring additional talents and resources to clean & de-dupe data.

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Serving clients across 50+ countries

We’ve helped businesses & government organizations across the US, UK, AUS, CAD, and other countries improve their data quality.


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Consolidate customer records with marketing data

Customer data in marketing is one of the most problematic in terms of consistency and completeness. Because the data is collected via multiple sources, it is impossible to have clean data. WinPure can be used by marketing teams and agencies to treat, transform, and consolidate customer data, with the end goal of achieving holistic customer records.

Marketing Case Studies



Obtain insights from patient data

The healthcare sector is burdened by the sensitivity and criticality of patient data. Mistakes in identity data, duplicate records, or even human errors can cause cases of misdiagnosis, flawed reports, & difficulties for the patient and their families. WinPure has worked with companies like GE Healthcare & Centura Health to clean and deduplicate data while maintaining accuracy, data sensitivity and integrity.

Healthcare Case Studies


Local Goverments

Improve public benefits with government data

WinPure specializes in enabling local and global government bodies with identity resolution, cross-platform data match, and consolidation, as well as creating clean and accurate data. We have worked with delegated civil bodies across the US and UK, helping them with optimizing the quality of public data in a secure, on-premises environment. See how we helped local governments with data quality management.

Government Case Studies



Amplify performance with sports data

Sports teams are now relying on quality data to get granular insights into athletes’ and coaches’ performance. Additionally, it also allows them to create innovative fan engagement strategies fueling deeper analysis and discussions. WinPure has worked with sports associations like the English Football League, West Ham United, and more on data cleaning and deduplication goals.

Sports Case Studies



Better compliance for manufacturing industries

Manufacturing companies wrestle with vast amounts of data quality issues. WinPure offers a data management solution that tackles duplicates, corrects errors, and ensures the accuracy of compliance lists, vendor and partner information. It streamlines data from various sources, creating a unified view for better decision-making. See how a similar an organization in the manufacturing industry benefited from the WinPure.

Manufacturing Case Studies

Recommended by industry leaders
Rated by leading platforms

Eric Branson
Eric Branson
Founder of Highr

Definitely recommend WinPure for anyone dealing with large quantities of data. The fuzzy matching is really intuitive and after a bit of testing with the settings it ends up being able to remove dupes better than anything else I've ever tried.

Alexander Goldenberg
Director of Information Technology and Operations

Using WinPure shaves hours off when comparing data from different sources. Its very fast and the results are brilliant. The product support and ease of use are great. The support team is very knowledgeable and easy to connect with.

ed 100 150x150 1
Edward B.
Company Owner

We perform multiple matching projects for our clients and WinPure has filled the bill for these. The product is very easy to use, incredibly fast and we can complete a large matches in a very short time.

richard 100 150x150 1
Richard F.
Company Owner

WinPure is a really great product, we've been using it with excellent results for many years now, for finding and removing duplicate records and to keep our lists and database more accurate.

cynthia 100 150x150 1
Cynthia T.
Director of Information Technology

WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise works really great to analyze data and find duplicated customer records. It saves us tons of money when mailing catalogs. This is a great product for the money and easy to use.

naveed 100 150x150 1
Naveed B.
IT Consultant

A very powerful but easy to use tool for cleansing and removing duplicates from databases. I have used Clean & Match for many of my clients, and I am regularly recommending this product to other companies.

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Data Matching FAQS

Why is data matching important?

Data inconsistencies can lead to problems like missed marketing opportunities or inaccurate reporting. Data matching helps ensure your data is unified and reliable.

What challenges can arise in data matching?

Typos, different formats (e.g., John vs. Johnny), and missing information can make data matching tricky. WinPure helps overcome these challenges with advanced fuzzy matching techniques.

What's the difference between data matching and record linkage?

Data matching and record linkage are often used interchangeably, but there’s a subtle difference. Data matching focuses on finding any records that refer to the same entity, regardless of data source. Record linkage specifically refers to linking records across databases that hold similar information, typically about individuals.​

How can WinPure improve your data matching process?

WinPure offers advanced matching techniques to find matches even with discrepancies. Our tools use methods like fuzzy matching and probabilistic matching to account for variations in data. Additionally, WinPure allows you to define matching rules based on specific data points for more control.

What type of data matching does WinPure offer?

WinPure offers deterministic matching and probabilistic matching. Deterministic matching uses exact or predefined rules to identify matches. Probabilistic matching assigns a likelihood score to potential matches, considering variations in data. WinPure helps you choose the best approach based on your specific data and matching needs.​