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Adventure is a marketing agency that specializes in strategy development and tactic execution to help businesses connect with other businesses or individual consumers at the local, national or international level.

Their capabilities include both digital and traditional channels because they believe multi-channel marketing is the most effective way to attract, engage and convert buyers. Their mission is to understand your business, your buyers and your goals so they can help you achieve your desired results efficiently.

The Challenge

Adventure have clients who regular require their CRM data to be cleansed and deduplicate.  Clients usually send multiple exports from their CRM and there is almost always some overlap.  With increased file sizes and more incoming client CRM files, it was becoming incredibly time consuming to clean, match and merge all CRM data.  The team urgently required a much more effective method for cleaning, matching and merging all this CRM Data.  Over the past few years they have tried many other data cleansing tools, but unfortunately they have never been able to use them for what they require.

Joe Jorgenson, Operations Manager,

We desperately needed a data cleansing tool that would quickly enable us to clean all the CRM data and then merge and survive all duplicate contacts.

The Solution

After trying three other similar solutions, they came across WinPure, and then started to evaluate WinPure Clean & Match.

Joe Jorgenson, continues:

It was simply the user interface, its user friendliness, and the simple fact that it worked better than any other of the data cleaning tools we tried before.  We wished we had come across this solution years ago! WinPure has definitely simplified our data cleansing work and saved us many hours in the course of a year on these projects. I would absolutely recommend it. 

The team is now saving at least 1-3 hours per week on automating data cleansing, based on the methods they were using before.


  • laptop slide 2 main slider1World-Class Data Cleansing – Adventure were able to clean, match & merge their clients CRM data quickly and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Significant Time Saving – It improved their operational efficiency by reducing time spent manually cleansing & merging all their CRM data.

I’ve been doing data work for 5 years and using this tool makes my life in the data cleansing world much easier.

Joe Jorgenson

Operations Manager

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