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Case Study

Centura Health connects individuals, families and neighborhoods across Colorado and western Kansas with more than 6,000 physicians and more than 21,000 of the best hearts and minds in health care.

Through their hospitals, senior living communities, health neighborhoods, home care and hospice services, they are making the region’s best health care accessible and affordable in every community they serve.

The Challenge

Using several datasets containing donar data, patients and other individuals, Centura Health needed to create a single view by identifying all donors who engage with their company and to also identify all the people who value the organization, which required some sophisticated data matching and merging.

As Kevin Lee, Data Manager at Centura pointed out:

Given the importance of the data involved, we were literally doing the data matching manually, mostly eye balling the data, which took lots of time.  This couldn’t be done with the same level of match accuracy as some sophisticated data matching tool, which means missing many key relationships.  We therefore needed a powerful solution to significantly speed up the process of identifying and merging duplicated data which led us to try out WinPure.

The Solution

data matching

After considering a few other possible vendors, Kevin and his team chose WinPure™ Clean & Match as being the best value for money, easiest to use, but more importantly providing the best data matching and merging results.

WinPure™ Clean & Match was therefore used to link their disparate data sources and identify, process and duplicate for a fast and accurate single customer view.  It was then used to merge all duplications from just a few simple mouse clicks.


  • World-Class Data Matching – Centura Health were able to match & merge their donor data, patients and other individuals quickly and more efficiently
  • Significant Time Saving – It improved their operational efficiency by reducing time spend manually de-duping their data.

From its easy to use interface through to its sophisticated data matching and merging features, it’s such an easy and brilliant tool to use!

Kevin Lee

Data Manager

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