A Single Customer View (SCV) is a place where you store all the data about each and every one of your customers. You should consolidate it into an easy to read record in your database.

These days, with digital marketing gaining more and more traction, this deceivingly simple idea is taking both sales and marketing organizations by storm. Companies need a single customer view to ensure the maximum return on investment from their digital marketing campaign. It also plays an important role in enhancing customer service, create cross-selling opportunities and many more.

Understanding the Single Customer View

Almost any business uses several alternatives to communicate with customers. The most popular are web forms, live chat, email, twitter, and telephone.

To outpace your competitors, it is essential to provide a seamless experience across all these channels. Simply put, no matter what channel a customer uses to contact your company, you should be able to provide the same response. This means you should perfectly align your tone of voice, speed, and outcome.

Obviously, reaching this goal is making things complicated for all businesses.

Even for a simple task such as checking opening hours, or buying a few things online, consumers tend to switch from one channel to the other. Unfortunately, different teams might manage these different channels. And each team might have different priorities.

Thus, it is expected that a customer who switches from one channel to the other to have significantly different experiences.

To succeed in digital marketing, it is important to understand that customers will always contact you through their favorite communication channel.

As far they are concerned, there is a single company and it does not matter the medium of communication. You need to offer consistency.


How to Build a Single Customer View?

Now that we know what a single customer view is, it is time to find a way to ensure that we are moving towards this goal. To help you get started with, we come up with a list of few useful questions you should ask your marketing and sales teams:


How should we deal with data about our customers?

Today, almost every company collects data about its customers through multiple sources such as online sales, CRM, social media, and so on.

However, in many cases,  different departments share the responsibility for data accuracy. In turn, this approach leads to disparities. To solve this issue, you need to build a consistent strategy. You should also use the right tools to deal with data, independent of its source.

Our award-winning WinPure Clean & Match is designed to offer great usability and it provides more accurate data. With WinPure Clean & Match, you will get cleaner, accurate, and duplicate free data. This will allow you to make better business decisions.


Are we spending too much time on validating the data?

With the increased amounts of data available to them, many organizations spend too much time and effort on managing the quality of their datasets. However, without getting the desired data quality levels, you will not be able to make use of your data. Thus, you must find better ways to achieve this.

WinPure Clean & Match is engineered to provide better performance than any other similar solution. Our product stores its matching engine in memory and thus is incredibly fast. Also, it will always scale across multiple processors to seamlessly process high volumes of data.


How close are we from achieving the single customer view? 

As mentioned, the single customer view is a full picture of your customer. You should store it together with his/her interactions with your company. You must include all relevant data, such as contact information, purchase history, preferences and many more.

However, with the increased number of communication channels, many companies struggle when they need to match customer records between different databases. Most often, the validation rules are different. Or the customer could just err when asked to fill an online form.

WinPure Clean & Match provides dedicated modules for spotting missing data, validating email addresses, standardizing addresses and names, and deduplication of data from several sources. Our solution is the best fit when you need to match records between two or even more databases or lists. It will allow you to seamlessly make significant improvements to the quality of your data.



We, at WinPure, know that marketing and sales team are always under pressure to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. However, to get the desired outcomes, the campaigns have to use accurate, deduplicated, and actionable data. Starting campaigns with inaccurate data are both costly and can damage your reputation.

We created WinPure Clean & Match with the aim of providing you the means of extracting actionable data from your databases and lists. With this data, you will be able to effectively build a complete customer view.

In turn, a complete customer view will help you improve your marketing targeting, make accurate business decisions, and increase customer loyalty.

Why not download a free trial of our award-winning WinPure™ Clean & Match?

Written by Andrei Popescu

Andrei is a detail-oriented writer and enjoys the process of researching and learning new things all data quality.

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