SportsMechanics is a data analytics company which partners with sports organisations to enhance and manage performance effectively.

SportsMechanics were the first company in the world to introduce revolutionary systems like match coding and data conversion systems, online mentoring and remote coaching tools, all round athlete management system and the world’s first real-time decision support system for T20 Cricket.

The Challenge

SportsMechanics have lots of data they use for analytics, in fact over 200 Gigabytes spanning over 10 years. They currently use manual SQL queries to help find duplicate records and to also help detect any data quality issues. As the data is growing fast this has become increasingly time consuming and difficult to fix the any issues, when generating reports which What they needed was a cost-effective solution that would help to automatically flag any data quality issues, as well as identify any duplicate records across single and multiple lists.

Desikan Narasimhan, IT Chief Architect:

We urgently required a solution that wasn’t complex to use but also provided us a quick view to understand any data quality issues that would impact on the reporting.

The Solution

unnamed6After considering a few other possible alternatives, Desikan and his team chose WinPure™ Clean & Match as being the best value for money, easiest to use, but more importantly providing the best data profiling and data matching results.

WinPure™ Clean & Match was therefore used to profile the data which helped to quickly determine which areas if data needed the most attention.  Once the data was clean and corrected it was then used to match and merge all duplicate records which provided the team with a single view of accurate customers records.


It’s a great tool. We were able to find some data issues that would have taken a lot of time if we had done them manually. I’m very happy with its speed and easy to use navigation, It’s a very good experience.

Desikan Narasimhan

IT Chief Architect

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