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MGT Consulting is a public sector consulting firm with a 45-year track record and a forward-thinking attitude.

It was established by a group of former public-sector employees to provide creative yet practical solutions to the challenges faced by local and state governments and educational institutions nationwide. The firm has successfully managed more than 9,400 client engagements nationally with a significant percentage of repeat business, reflecting a high level of customer satisfaction

The Challenge

Since 2003, the IT team within MGT Consulting have been required to gather vendor databases from multiple disparate sources. Creating a single source by removing and merging duplicates has always been a time-consuming task. Over the years they have used various tools to help with this, including DataFlux which until recently was the only tool they had for data deduplication.  As data volumes were increasing, it was becoming apparent they needed a faster and a more effective solution. Current methods were taking 1-2 weeks and they urgently needed a better tool that would be compatible with multiple file types and formats, but to also product results in a fraction of the time.

The Solution

laptop slide 2 main slider1bAndres Bernal, Manager at MGT, started to search the market for a powerful, flexible and easy to use data deduplication tool. He came across WinPure and compared it with other similar tools, but was instantly impressed with WinPure’s speed, ease of use and very accurate matching results.  As a result of the comparison test, they purchased WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise.


As Andres continues:

It was previously taking 1-2 weeks a month using the other tools and then manually completing the task. Using WinPure’s Clean & Match Enterprise now takes just 15 minutes to perform the same task and has consequently added a ton of value to the company, it’s definitely worth the investment.


  • Best-in-Class Data Deduplication – As the world’s best data deduplication software, MGT were able to quickly find, remove and merge all duplicated records across their databases in minutes rather than hours.
  • User friendly – Visually oriented platform allowing Andres and his team to match and merge duplicates from multiple sources without special training.

It’s been extremely time and cost efficient.  It’s amazing the time savings and the match accuracy it has created. Doing this work manually creates too much human error.

Andres Bernal


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