England Hockey




Case Study

England Hockey is the national governing body for the sport of field hockey in England. It is responsible for the management and development of the sport from grassroots to elite activities.

There are separate governing bodies for the sport in the other parts of the United Kingdom.

The Challenge

England Hockey have a CRM database containing over 162,000 addresses dating back over ten years, entered by both staff and customers (via a web portal) with no address verification/formatting.  Consequently, address formats varied and the same address often existed in several different formats. The CRM system de-duplicates accounts primarily on address, and will only pick up a duplicate if all the address lines are a match, so the lack of standardisation meant many duplicate records were not being spotted.  New data is also imported from other web-based systems and needs cleansing and formatting prior to loading, which was being done manually in Excel.

The Solution

laptop slide 2 main slider1bThey choose WinPure Clean & Match with Address Verification on the basis of value for money and user-friendly interface and processes.  The address product met their needs, without requiring a significant investment.  Most of the other products they reviewed were too complex and expensive.

Using the software helped to identify more duplicate matches from the CRM system’s module, allowing them to merge a large number of duplicate records that had been on the system for a long time. This increased staff confidence in the system and reduced the time and effort involved in identifying and merging duplicates manually.  It has also improved the quality of our data, leading to less returns on mailings we send out – returns from our magazine mailings have reduced from nearly 10% to under 1%. With GDPR now in effect, the product has helped us to ensure that our data is accurate.

We can definitely recommend WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise with Address Verification, particularly to fellow NFPs and SMEs. It’s easy to use, intuitive and makes a lot of processes that we used to carry out manually far faster and more accurate.

G Royal

Business Systems Manager

Industry Clients