[April 24, 2024 – READING, UK] – WinPure, a leading provider of data cleansing and matching software, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Senzing, a pioneer in entity resolution technology. This partnership brings together WinPure’s expertise in data quality management with Senzing’s advanced entity resolution capabilities, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and make more informed decisions.

Traditionally, entity resolution has been an expensive endeavour, confined to the domain expertise of specially trained developers and data analysts. Small-to-medium sized companies with limited budgets, would find it particularly difficult to make sense of their siloed data, or to get holistic customer views, all of which is only possible when an entity resolution process is put in place.

In this first-of-its-kind partnership, WinPure and Senzing aim to make entity resolution affordable, accessible – and most importantly – available for businesses of all sizes.

We are thrilled to partner with Senzing to bring industry-leading entity resolution capabilities to our customers,” said David Leivesley, CEO of WinPure. “By combining Senzing’s AI entity resolution technology with WinPure’s data quality management solutions, we are empowering organizations to achieve greater accuracy, efficiency, and insights from their data“.
Jeff Jonas, Founder & CEO of Senzing said, “The Senzing team and I could not be prouder of this new partnership with WinPure, which has been a top brand for data matching for over two decades. Their mission to empower business users to perform their own data matching is a natural fit with the entity resolution AI we deliver. The market is going to love WinPure version 10 with Senzing inside.”

With this ground-breaking partnership, both organizations aim to make their respective ambitions come true – democratizing access to entity resolution and simplifying tedious data quality management processes.

Now with entity resolution as part of the software’s DQM module, businesses of all sizes can clean, standardize, consolidate, and get holistic data views all within one no-code platform. This capability has been proven to improve organizational efficiency by 50%, and enables businesses to meet data-dependent goals at a much faster pace than if they were to use traditional methods of data management. Additionally, it also empowers business users to take full ownership of departmental data, reducing the dependencies on IT and tech teams.

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This new collaboration with Senzing accelerates AI use case delivery, and will provide the following new features for WinPure customers:

  • Entity-Centric Learning – WinPure will retain history and attribute variations for each entity as it resolves new records against existing entities e.g., learning every name, address and phone variation. Over time, based on the accumulated variations, the software learns nicknames, alternative email addresses, common typographical errors, etc., including intentionally fabricated information. WinPure ER uses its entity-centric learning when comparing records during ER. Entity-centric learning is what allows it to make higher quality ER decisions than most other systems that use the more popular, but very basic, record-to-record matching. This is critical for catching clever criminals
  • Global name recognition IBM Global Name Management comparison technology is built into WinPure software. This culturally-aware name library, pretrained on 800M global names, was created over decades by a team of linguists at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. WinPure immediately understands synonyms e.g., Bob and Robert or Elizabeth and Liz, and transliterations e.g., Mohamed, Mohammed, Mhd and dozens of other spellings. It also resolves names across different alphabets and scripts, e.g., Arabic, Mandarin and Roman.
  • Global address comparison – WinPure uses global address parsing and normalization, to assess address similarity with uncanny precision and wrapped with custom logic that provides exceptional matching accuracy and eliminates the need to pre-parse address data prior to loading.  It uses innovative parsing technology, based on computational linguistics, natural language processing, parsing technology, semantic techology and with its built-in country detector will automatically detect the country of each address.

This will be featured in the new upcoming v10 release, which will coincide with a new website launch on the 24th April.

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About WinPure

WinPure has been in the data quality management space for the past 20 years, enabling businesses of all sizes to perform key data quality tasks like data cleansing, data standardization, fuzzy matching, and data de-duplication using a no-code, intuitive graphical user-interface. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, WinPure helps organizations unlock the full potential of their data to drive business growth and success.

About Senzing

Senzing is the first to deliver real-time AI for entity resolution. Senzing entity resolution provides organizations with new insights to make better business decisions while reducing operational costs. The Senzing API is the fastest and easiest way for commercial software vendors and organizations in financial services, public sector, information services, and other industries to integrate highly accurate, flexible, and scalable entity resolution capabilities into applications, data fabrics, and other data services. Senzing is Smarter Entity Resolution®.

If you’d like to know more about this partnership, please reach out to us at admin@winpure.com