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Compared to Match2lists, WinPure is the most popular and highest rated data quality company, and is why some of the largest and most reputable companies in the world rely on WinPure technology over Match2lists.

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More Advanced Features

Only with WinPure do you get sophisticated data profiling, data cleansing, address standardization and verification, combined with the most powerful and accurate data matching technology.

Best Data Matching Techniques

With WinPure’s world-class software, you can visually score matches, assign weights, apply survivorship rules and group non-exact matches using advanced deterministic and probabilistic matching techniques, not found in solutions like Match2Lists.​

WinPure Worldwide

Compared to Match2lists, WinPure has users in over 50 countries across 5 continents, making it most the popular data matching & cleansing solution in the world.

Key Features Unique to WinPure

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Flexible Data Cleansing and Data Matching Options

Unlike Match2Lists WinPure has a more user-friendly interface with flexible data parsing and cleansing options. You don’t need to use complex Regex expressions to customize your data cleansing and data matching process, instead, you can simply use our powerful dictionary and conditional rules to set up your match parameters.

Powerful Address Verification Supporting 250+ Global  Locations

WinPure’s address verification and validation are unmatched! Not only can you parse and clean data by component level, but you can also verify against the official database of 250+ global countries. Oh and bonus: Our address verification system ensures accuracy by supporting industry-leading technologies like CASS Certified™, RDI™, ZIP+4™, and DPV®. This means you can be confident your mail reaches the right place, every time, for every country.

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WinPure entity resolution

New: AI Powered Entity Resolution

While Data Ladder offers solid entity resolution, WinPure takes it a step further with AI-powered matching. This innovative technology goes beyond simple string comparison. WinPure uses advanced algorithms to understand the nuances of data, accounting for misspellings, abbreviations, and even variations in language. This translates to superior accuracy in identifying the same entities across your datasets, ensuring cleaner, more reliable data for downstream applications. So, if you’re looking for the most cutting-edge solution to unify your data and unlock its full potential, WinPure with its AI-powered entity resolution stands out as the smarter choice.

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Here’s Why Customers Choose WinPure
Over Match2Lists

Apply data cleaning rules to other datasets with CleanMatrix™
Featuring Entity Resolution which harnesses the power of AI
Improve deduplication with our Knowledge Base Library
Enjoy best-in-class 97% accuracy in data matching
Easily identify erroneous data with our user-friendly interface
Clean and verify address for over 240 countries with Global Address Parsing
Regular updates bring new features to enterprise customers
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Avoid losing data during data matching
Configure custom merge and survivorship rules for data deduplicaton
Offers 96% data accuracy and matching rate
User friendly interface puts everything in one screen
No Entity Resolution platform
Only US and Canadian address verification supported
No longer offers new feature updates
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5X Faster & Smoother

Enjoy 5x faster and more accurate data matching capabilities than other specialist contact data matching solutions such as Data Ladder. WinPure’s in-memory architecture and support for multi-threading processes supercharges its intelligent data-matching engine.

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Accurate Data Matching

Make use of comprehensive and advanced data matching features built on a combination of proprietary and standard fuzzy, phonetic, and exact match algorithms. Find true matches without worrying about false positives & false negatives vs. Match2Lists

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User-Friendly Interface

Get more done with an intuitive user interface that is designed for business users and data science professionals alike. We make your data matching efforts easier, smoother, and more efficient than any other tool. Choose a simple, yet powerful UI that helps you get results.

We switched from Match2Lists to WinPure simply because of a better user-interface and higher match levels.

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We Do Things Better

A Stronger Support Team

Our support team understands and helps customers resolve issues better. Their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction are consistently reflected in G2 Reviews

WinPure is Worldwide

WinPure has users in over 50 countries across 5 continents, making it the most popular data-matching & cleansing solution globally.

Certifications for Professionals

We’ve partnered with universities and organizations to offer comprehensive training programs in master data management (MDM) and more.

Upgraded path to Master Data Management

WinPure offers a complete MDM solution with enhanced capabilities to managing master records, unlike the competition.

Unmatched customer support, best-in-class data quality solutions, and an amazing team to help you every step of the way – that’s the WinPure promise. 

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