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A Kirk, Luton Borough Council

“Due to the success of using WinPure Clean & Match, I have since been asked to analyse data from other systems for both detecting possible fraudulent entries as well as simple data cleansing in order to create more efficient systems and reduce the amount of redundant data stored. WinPure Clean & Match is a software tool we simply cannot recommened enough”.

Stephen Ebanks, Birmingham Hippodrome

“WinPure Clean and Match 2013 is fantastic. Using this software to dedupe and clean our lists means that the quality of our data is vastly improved before going to our mailing house, also helping to reduce costs”.

C Chong, Apex Innovations


“We choose WinPure Clean and Match because it was very easy to use and was able to identify duplications that we never expected to find. Our customer rep at WinPure was very responsive and whenever we sent an email they were very quick to respond. I’m more than happy to recommend this software”

D Jordan, Sandia


“WinPure is fast, easy-to-use and very user friendly. When I had needs, concerns or suggestions, WinPure experts were very timely in responding. When I suggested more capability to WinPure experts, they immediately added the capabilities that I needed and was available in the very next release a couple of days later. That’s my idea of quality assurance and good customer service.”

Suha Alparslan, Maxclean


“I cannot emphasise enough how valuable this data cleansing and dedupe software has been for us and I would recommend this to any business that requires their database to be cleaned and corrected”

J De Winnaar, PS BAS


“WinPure offers much more than we first imagined, and we now use the software for many other tasks. It has increased our data analysis at client site by over 50% and I would recommend this software to any business due to its flexibility, use friendly interface and ease-of-use.”

J Barwell, Clear Blue


“WinPure is extremely easy to use and very fast, and we recommend this software to all our customers who require deduplication and data cleansing.”

A Chapman, USA


“WinPure is a ‘lifesaving’ solution for anyone who has to deal with large and small lists. I have dramatically cut down the time I spend on cleaning lists and preparing them for campaigns. Not only does it save me time, allowing me to do other more important tasks, but it also minimises the possibility of human errors caused by manual list cleaning.This is a must have!”

J Salisbury, USA


“I did some research prior to purchasing your product – and I feel I made an excellent choice. This product is so easy to use, and it does an incredible job! I can’t go a day without using it now!! Thanks so much!!”

E Demme, Knowledge Networks


“WinPure made my task of de-duping go much faster, enabling me to meet our drop (mail) date. Overall, WinPure ListCleaner is a user-friendly (and necessary) tool!”

C Salmond, Ozzy Connect


“WinPure helped reduce cleaning extensive data lists by a staggering 98%. This is truly a great piece of software.”

M Scrutton, USA


“WinPure is fantastic! High recommendations to anyone trying to do same. I researched all the possible applications to do the same, but none compare to the functionality and price of WinPure ListCleaner!
All the best to your staff – I look forward to patches and improvements, whenever offered, because your company does a great job!”

B Jacobs, USA


“WinPure is an excellent, intuitive data cleansing and dedupe product that has, in the short period of time we’ve been using it, made a significant impact in our ability to quickly turn around cleaner, more usable prospective student data for use in our recruiting efforts”

R Overgaard, Denmark


“WinPure has helped us a great deal with finding duplications and cleaning our customer files, we find it easy to use and are very satisfied with the results, it paid for itself after we used it just once”

N Boyton, Beckman Coulter, Switzerland


“We have recently been using WinPure ListCleaner Pro and would like to place an order for 10 more user licences”