Address verification checks mailing addresses against an authoritative database in order to find out if an address is valid or not. If the address in question is found to match an address in the authoritative database, it means that it is “verified”. If there is no match, the address is marked as invalid.

How does Address Verification Work?

Address verification and phone verification services make sure that the addresses and phone numbers you collect are always accurate, standardized, and up to date. With the large volumes of information made possible by the advent of the Internet and mobile phones, this process can no longer be manually performed. Thus, many organizations rely on software solutions that offer proper address formatting and correct spelling. Also, these solutions are able to work in real time.

To make sure that your data is always ready to use and clean, you should always check it at the point of entry. This will provide accurate data for all your systems such as CMS, website, call center, or any other database.

Key Benefits of Address Verification

More than ninety percent of organizations use data to improve their business outcomes. Also, many companies consider it as one of the most important resources that helps them to increase revenue and better serve the customers. Let’s discuss the most important benefits address verification brings to the table

Time and Money Savings

By storing only accurate addresses in your databases, you will eliminate wasted communications. This will save time and costs.

Better Customer Service

A company can only achieve correctly and timely addressed communication by using accurate addresses. Thus, you should continuously remove inaccurate addresses. Make sure that your customer databases always contains accurate and up-to-date addresses.

Informed Accurate Decision Making

In order to understand its customers and always make informed decisions, a company must keep accurate information about them.

Enhanced ROI

As mentioned, you can reduce cost by correcting data at the capture stage. Mailing efficiency will help your company save on postage and printing, but will also eliminate address correction penalties. Also important, the returns on the company’s sales and marketing campaigns will be greater.


As seen, address verification can bring important benefits to your business. Hence, it is vital to verify data and never save un-checked, invalidated, and unformatted addresses to your database. The strength of your mailing lists and the value of your database depend on your customer contact information. It simply has to be accurate. However, the information deteriorates over time for several reasons such as human errors, customers moving, or changed ZIP codes.

WinPure Clean & Match Address Verification features provides on-premise and unlimited address verification. All you have to do is to import your list of addresses, map the columns, and click the “Run Address Verification” button. Our software will compare the input to the latest PAF (Postal Address data== and will correct and add all missing address elements. Also, it will convert your addresses to precise latitude/longitude coordinates. This will greatly help with market segmentation, sales clustering, logistics, etc.

WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise with Address Verification contains over 28 million UK addresses and postcodes and uses the accurate and complete address database available.

Download WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise with Address Verification and find out why large companies such as Bank of America, Vodafone, McAfee, Hewlett-Packard, and Emirates are happy to use our leading data cleansing and data matching software.

Written by Andrei Popescu

Andrei is a detail-oriented writer and enjoys the process of researching and learning new things all data quality.

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