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New/Modern Interface Built on New Platform

Brand new graphical interface featuring over 40 themes which can be applied to offer a unique UI experience.  Furthermore, Version 7 has been recreated on a faster platform to provide an improved cleaning & matching experience.

New – High Performance Super Fast Data Grid

The datagrid in Version 7 has been replaced with a high performance data shaping, data mining and reporting grid, so you can unleash the power of information.
New Data Sorting Options
Sort against Unlimited Number of Fields ● Sort by Cell Display Values ● Custom Sorting Algorithms
New Data Grouping Options
Group against an Unlimited Number of Columns ● Joined Group Panel ● Multiple Predefined Grouping Intervals ● Custom Grouping Algorithms ● Automatic Group Expansion
New Summary Computation Options
Total Summaries ● Group Row Summaries ● Group Footer Summaries ● Five Built-in Aggregate Functions ● Custom Aggregate Functions ● Sorting Against Group Summary Values ● Optional Automatic Totals Summary Updates

New Improved Data Filtering

The new Filter Editor displays filter criteria as a tree structure, where nodes represent simple filter conditions. If the filter criteria consist of multiple filter conditions, the Filter Editor contains multiple nodes linked by logical operators into groups. When filters are applied the datagrid will turn yellow and filtered selections can be exported.

New Conditional Formatting

WinPure™ Clean & Match  Version 7 now features is a powerful conditional formatting feature which allows you to change the appearance of individual cells or rows based on specific conditions.

New Data Cleaning Matrix

The new Data Cleaning Matrix takes data cleaning to the next level.  Its divided into 7 sections, each section focusing on a specific cleaning operation (Remove, Convert, Split, Standardize,  Merge, Word Manager & Shift). Each section is coloured differently.  By ticking the appropriate boxes within each section you can create your own cleaning operation that can be run in one  single process.  All settings are stored within a project file and you can also save just the matrix design which can be applied to other similar datasets thus saving a considerable amount of time.

Address Standardization

Parse street addresses into 15 separate elements such as Street Suffix, Street Name, Street Number, etc.  Addresses are standardized to “Postal Addressing Standards”  Guidelines.

Persons Name & Gender

Accurately splits persons name into its standard components: Prefix, First, Middle, Last and Suffix no matter what the original format. Also adds gender based on 200,000+, multi-ethnic, first and last name dictionary for pinpoint accuracy.

Improved Word Manager

The popular Word Manager has also been improved.  You can now view either values or individual words to further help build up your custom dictionaries with greater ease and control.  We have also added sorting and grouping options to further improve its usability.

New Data Profiling/Statistics

The new Data Profiling/Statistics can be used to check the quality of your data. It will present you with a complete set of statistics (over 30!) which you can use to help clean and correct your data, and to prepare it better for data matching. Red & Amber colouring is automatically applied for you to quickly check and fix each issue. You can even export just the statistics if you wish.

Improved Matching Algorithms with New Matching Definition Creator

WinPure™ Clean & Match Version 7 will find more true matches with least false matches thanks both to its improved data matching engine.  Furthermore,  due to its improved in-memory architecture, the data matching engine is now many times faster than any other specialist contact data matching solution.  When defining the matching criteria you can now specify weighing score for each matching column and create matching groups.

New Real Time Matching Progress Bar

The new matching progress bar within Version 7 will now provide accurate real-time information on the progress of the matching.  Also included is a Cancel Matching button which can be used to cancel the matching at any time.

Improved Data Matching Results

Duplicate matching groups are now beautifully presented with individual scores against each.  There are now separate views for matches which occur just between tables and a list of all the data that has been used for matching.

Improved Merging and Updating

Merging duplicates groups in Version 7 has been vastly simplified.  We have also added new options to update/overwrite values.

New Knowledge Base Library

The new knowledge base library can be used to help increase the matching accuracy by removing or renaming common words/phrases during the matching process. For example, when matching address columns you could apply the “Address Part” library which consists of common words such as Str (Street), Ave(Avenue), etc.  For peoples names there is a specific library for converting nicknames to the most common names (eg. Dave (David), Andy(Andrew), etc). During the matching process these words will either be removed or replaced depending on how they were created. No data is changed on the datatables or matching results.

Stunning New Matching Reporting

Each time a match is performed it will automatically create a 2-page data matching summary report.  These reports contain  total number of matching groups, % duplicates, distinct vs matching records and the matching definition that was used.  These stunning reports can be exported (pdf, jpg, excel, etc), emailed or printed out.