Today, more than 20% of addresses contain various errors like wrong postal codes, incorrect house numbers or formatting issues. Obviously, this is an important concern for any company that relies on mailing for its business. In this content, the “What is AMAS?” question is more important than ever.

AMAS, which stands for Address Matching Approval System, is the certification program used by Australian Postal Corporation to gauge the accuracy of address verification software. In short, a software that follows AMAS rules is able to:

  • Fix and match addresses against PAF. PAF (“Australia Post Postal Address File”) is the database of all Australian postal addresses.
  • Add something called Postal Delivery Point Identifier (or PDPID). DPDIP is used in the process of adding barcodes to your mail and it is re-validated every three months.

How does AMAS work?

Now that we know what is AMAS, let’s peek into how AMAS works.

An AMAS compliant address verification software validates data in three different ways:

  • real-time: which means data is checked for errors as it is added to your database. It is obviously a great solution if you run something like a website.
  • batch:  the software validates the addresses in batches. Particularly useful if you plan to run a mailing campaign.
  • bureau: this is when you outsource your address verification.

To sum up, Australian Postal Corporation created AMAS to make sure that your all your mails reach their destination in time. It also reduces costs with compliant addressing. But more on that later.

Why is Address Verification Needed?

Deciding on the right address verification software is not an easy thing to do. An unreliable and inaccurate tool would hinder your customer communication and delay deliveries. Also, it would not help you make strategic decisions. Why is that? Because it negatively impacts the accuracy of your marketing database.

This is why choosing the right address verification software is key. The application should help you regularly analyze and clean your address database. This way, not only you will turn poor-quality data into high-quality but you will also connect more effectively with your customers or business partners.

What are the Benefits of Address Verification?

The Benefits of Address Verification

By verifying mailing addresses in real-time, you will always be able to maintain the accuracy of your addresses database. So, an address verification software that follows AMAS rules can make a significant difference to your efficiency and your bottom line. Not convinced? Just take one minute to check the most important benefits of an address verification software:

  • Cuts down time wasted in correcting data by automatically validating addresses. This way, it prevents any errors.
  • Reduces undeliverable mail by fixing any incomplete or misspelled addresses.
  • Enhances ROI by improving mailing efficiency. You will be able to save significant money on postage, printing and address correction penalties.
  • Better customer management. You will always reach your customers in time which means your business will see greater returns on marketing campaigns. Improves brand reputation and customer service. In short, your customers will always be satisfied and their perception of your company will continuously improve over time.
  • Helps you take more effective strategic decisions. If your organization uses up-to-date and accurate databases, it is significantly easier to quickly analyze the market and take the right decisions that benefit your company in both short and long-term.

To sum up, with an address verification software, you will always focus on your core business1 Let others take care of improving the quality of your address database.

Why Use WinPure Enterprise with Address Verification?

Duplicate or incorrect addresses can be time-consuming and frustrating to fix. Our award-winning WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise with Address Verification analyses and validates data against authoritative databases to identify duplicates and fix incorrect addresses. No matter if it’s an erred street number or wrong formatting, our software is always effective and fast. With real-time data fetched from national address databases in various countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, or U.S.A., WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise with Address Verification software will save you time and resources.

Try it today and discover why large companies such as Bank of America, Vodafone, McAfee, Hewlett-Packard, and Emirates are happy to use our leading address verification software.

Written by Andrei Popescu

Andrei is a detail-oriented writer and enjoys the process of researching and learning new things all data quality.

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