Free schools across England will grow, with 174 of them currently operating across the country, and an additional 116 approved to commence teaching by this coming September. However, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) doubts whether these institutions are delivering on the promise of “free”. PAC data calls for transformation of the entire program. If you want to know more then get more info here.

Margaret Hodge, the Chairwoman of the PAC pointed to recent high-profile failures of free schools, including Kings Science Academy in Bradford, Discovery New and Al-Madinah School in Derby, and underlined the fact that data supports the transformation of these institutions, including additional governance and financial oversight, to meet the objectives for which they were designed.

One of the issues highlighted by the PAC is that free schools are not being built in areas where there is the greatest need for them. And that in itself hints that more transparency is needed at all levels of the free school program.

And to achieve such transparency, everyone involved in this initiative must enforce greater communication and better interaction with each other. And without accurate data and targeted transformation strategies, the government’s commitment to spend £1.5bn on these projects by March 2015 will likely be tantamount to pouring more good money after bad! Mismanagement in these institutions could end up costing taxpayers much more than it should.

The interaction between various stakeholders within England’s schooling system is best achieved when there are accurate and up-to-date contact lists and email databases maintained by sponsors of the free schooling system. However, monitoring the quality of such data is not always possible. Administrative staff are far too busy with other tasks to continually monitor and correct faulty contact and mailing data. Without adequate data transformation processes, there is a risk that email addresses and mailing databases get filled with inaccurate details.

Now at last, school administrators and other businesses that depend on data accuracy have a solution! The developers of WinPure have solved that problem by producing a set of innovative data transformation tools to weed out data corruption and inaccuracies in large contact lists and email databases. Using these highly intelligent tools, list managers can:

  • cross check data against other related lists
  • eliminate duplicate listings
  • merge duplicate records that may have crept into the record sets
  • remedy incorrect syntax in email addresses and other contact fields

And all of this data transformation can be done without extensive manual intervention!

WinPure is based on data transformation algorithms and highly sophisticated techniques that help its users “purify” the data being reviewed. With the help of data that’s been cleansed, users of the system will be able to maintain highly accurate contact with their stakeholders, including staff, management, clients, sales prospects and other key parties-at-interest.

Since the system is supported on a wide variety of commonly used platforms, including Windows XP-SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 and Windows 8, users will never need sophisticated IT infrastructure or high-end server hardware for data transformation purposes.

Written by Mike Hughes

Mike has over 4 years full time experience blog wand content writing. He enjoys and can write on a wide range of topics all data management related.

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