First, let’s understand what is address standardization. Simply put, address standardization is the process that changes the addresses to adhere to USPS and PAF standards. It usually fixes spelling errors, fixes capitalizations, and corrects abbreviations. By applying it to your list of addresses, you will most likely overcome many of difficulties that you currently encounter with your mailing process.

Lack of address standardization has several negative effects, from sending emails or mailings to bad addresses, to even losing customers. Furthermore, a standardized address could be the first step towards data deduplication.

In this blog post, we will discuss the most important benefits that address standardization brings to the table.

Reduce the number of returned mail

When you choose to standardize your mail list for outgoing campaigns, you highly reduce the number of undelivered mail. Hence, if you deal with large mailing lists and frequent campaigns, address standardization usually provide important cost savings for your company.

Save on mailing costs

Several postal services, like USPS and Canada Post, are offering discounts for qualified mailings. Why not enjoy these discounts?

Effective communication with customers

In order to increase its profit, your company needs an effective communication with customers. By using standardized addresses, your ability to communicate with customers using postal mail will be increased and you will be able to advantage of the many opportunities that otherwise could have been lost. Organizations that use address standardization are able to communicate with customers via mail faster and cheaper than their competitors.

Increased delivery speed

If you use standardized addresses, you will likely increase the delivery speed of your mail by one or even two days.

Eliminate the time and effort spent on manually updating data

Until recently, the go-to approach was to manually standardize the lists of addresses. However, with the ever-increasing number of digital channels that connect businesses with customers, the time and effort needed for this activity makes it ineffective.

Avoid duplicates

Customers are usually annoyed when they get identical mailings. To avoid this from happening, you can standardize and deduplicate your customer mailing. Thus, you will reduce the unnecessary costs and will also keep your customers happy.

To sum up, a business not using address standardization will have increased costs, poor customer communications, fewer sales, lower marketing effectiveness, and more unhappy customers overall.

WinPure Address Standardization and Parsing

WinPure Clean & Match will process, standardize and parse all types of addresses. It even includes suite numbers and city, state or zip information.

We provide a special flag, called address quality, that we return each time you process an address. This tag provides you the means to easily identify questionable addresses

Another useful feature that you can make use of is the address type flag. This flag indicates the type of address that is processed: Street, Military, PO Box, and so on.

Download our WinPure Clean & Match free trial, and see for yourself how easy is to standardize addresses to USPS or PAF best practices and enjoy the important benefits we highlighted in this article.

Written by Andrei Popescu

Andrei is a detail-oriented writer and enjoys the process of researching and learning new things all data quality.

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