Data Quality Issues in Insurance

By its very nature, the insurance industry depends on data quality. For such companies to confidently pay policyholders to cover claims, data accuracy is a must.

For example, all insurance bodies must make sure they thoroughly assess all risks. Both checks and data-keeping should be stringent.

Worrying statistics from Corinium Intelligence suggest that barely 24% of insurance representatives are confident in their data. Corinium couples this with the statistic that up to 82% of their polling believe accurate location data to be critical.

Insurance bodies struggle with data quality. There is a definite need for a balance between efficiency and accuracy. However, without accurate data capture and planning, these bodies are at risk of losing revenue. Not only that, but they may even put policyholders at risk.

Without clean data of high quality, insurance firms stand to lose revenue and reputation. In a growing industry, accuracy has never been more critical. But how do these companies balance stringent checks with efficient running?

Antiquated Systems

The use of legacy systems in insurance is a significant issue. Some firms may continue to use outdated software to manage their data. Many may even use simple spreadsheets or documents to record information.

In the modern area, these antiquated services are no longer operable. Insurance data must be kept clear and easy to access. Companies need to ensure they have structures that communicate within themselves. Streamlining data models, collection, and retrieval alike will lead to quicker risk assessments and more confident decisions.

Duplicate data and outdated information may be rife in legacy models. Older software and data capture systems may not have the efficiency and assurance modern companies desire. Insurance companies require many different information sources and many different systems.

By upgrading and streamlining systems, processes become less complicated. Insurance queries and risk assessments are quicker to process. What’s more, policy decisions become more confident. Allowing insurance data to amass in confusing piles will likely lead to headaches for all parties involved.

Decentralized Data

Similar to the above, many insurance companies may struggle with data that’s hard to consolidate. By using outdated systems and models, there may be a risk of missing or duplicate data. Failure to bring this information together in one, clean system could lead to severe problems.

Centralizing data is a must for the insurance industry. For confident policy decisions and efficient action, data must be clear and concise. At the very least, it should organize into simple sections and directories. Also, building data siloes in the insurance industry is tempting but hugely discouraged.

Consolidating insurance data will help analysts find policyholder details quickly and confidently. Should a policyholder make a claim, an agent can find all they need to know in a few clicks. Bringing multiple software and data sources together will lessen the time wasted on wild chases.

Decentralizing data from siloes can take time. It may be the threat of losing time and money that some insurance companies fear. However, taking time to consolidate through an efficient tool such as WinPure will reap benefits in years to come.

It is far better to spend time processing new claims and generating revenue than searching for policy data. Long-term, it is merely common sense.

Decentralized Data

Regulatory Requirements

Of course, insurance companies must adhere to specific regulations. Data quality regulations are, by design, stringent. Furthermore, such a situation is likely a result of the issues and concerns we explore above.

Various insurance data regulations ensure that data collected and analyzed are fit for use. In short, this means that it should be accurate but also readily actionable. Understanding what compliance may be looking for is one issue that some insurance providers may face.

Therefore, consolidating and refining data quality will help companies overcome this obstacle. Regulations require insurance bodies to be completely transparent on what they hold and how they process it.

It is notoriously difficult to manage data ‘by hand.’ Therefore, the need for software to help enhance data quality and management becomes essential.

Data Quality Management in Insurance

To continue supplying customers with the financial support they need, insurance companies must keep data clean and accurate. Practically speaking, this means that users have to receive adequate financial assistance and efficient responses.

From the company side of things, data quality management is just as essential. Failure to accurately measure and manage data could lead to overpaying or underpaying. In the latter of these points, this could lead to severe reputational damage. For the former, it could lead to significant financial loss.

Once again, transparency and precise data management are also crucial for compliance. Legally, all insurance companies must hold to account. Otherwise, they are at risk of competing unfairly or providing an unjust service to their customers.

It is easy for insurance operators to assume the data they are using is clean and concise. However, technology is evolving, and insurance demands are growing. Are they genuinely ready to handle the policy claims of the future with confidence?

WinPure Data Quality Tool

WinPure removes the risk of data clogging and human error that insurance bodies must avoid. By cleansing and consolidating information into one simple location, our software simplifies how you manage your data.

Instead of relying on cluttered siloes and legacy systems, WinPure reorganizes data into a compliance-ready format. It removes the need for manual data sourcing and matches multiple data to combine into a singular, accurate source.

Data accuracy for the insurance industry is crucial, particularly as demands increase. To learn more about our award-winning data cleaning software, please contact us or download it for free. It is time to clean and consolidate your insurance and policyholder data for the better.

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