Governments, by their very nature, handle a colossal amount of data. Therefore, governing bodies must keep a close eye on all information they process. As information gathering continues to grow, data management has become an increasingly difficult challenge.

However, as a result of the nature of the data governments hold, pressures may increase. In the US, data splits from the national level down to the federal and even further. That can make collation, monitoring and processing information on each citizen a complex challenge.

However, there are many ways through which the US government can harness cleaner, better quality data. With approximately 31% of US government data being unstructured on average, there is much work to be done.

Governments and political bodies worldwide may benefit from further data support, too. We need to consider the statistics and challenges actively facing government powers to understand their plight better.

Here are some common data challenges currently facing governments and big data right now.

Data is Too Complex
Tracking Expenditure is Difficult
Individual Service Experiences
Clarity and Privacy

Data is Too Complex

The US government is an excellent example of a body under big data pressure. Statistics show that around 6% of agencies on a civilian level structure themselves enough to handle complex information. That, coupled with the fact that only 69% of government data is structured, is alarming.

Governments can hold a variety of data on citizens and civilians. Information on births, deaths, marriages, and divorces are not withstanding. The US government also holds information on finance and social security.

Add in the additional layers of federal data, and things become rather complicated. Therefore, it is crucial for all government agencies to work to a clean data set and layout. Therefore, all bodies and all parties, including civilians, can ensure they are on the same page.

Tracking Expenditure is Difficult

It is the job of government bodies to allocate public spending fairly. However, this, once again, amounts to a large amount of data. There needs to be a clear consensus and traceable facts regarding where the money is going.

There also needs to be clear reporting and double assurance that money is spending in the right ways. Keeping track of all federal agencies is, again, a complicated process. One of the most challenging aspects of data management in the US is keeping all federal agencies on the same page.

The US government reports that there is a need to account for up to $4 trillion, on average, per year at the federal level. Covering 50 states and counties split down from there, this becomes a bigger and bigger mountain of data.

Therefore, government bodies need precise planning and data lakes in place to ensure that expenditure is accountable.

challenges in using data across government
data issues in public sector

Individual Service Experiences

In the US and elsewhere, citizens will expect to access a variety of information through their government. This may include social security status, health insurance data, and other records. This data, by default, must be accurate and in check.

However, let us come back to the statistics regarding unstructured data in the US above. This information may ring alarm bells. For all data on each citizen to be correct and accessible through shared platforms, there needs to be a consensus.

If data is unstructured and not organized in a logical manner, consensus-building becomes difficult. Therefore, government bodies immediately need systems where they can ‘clean’ and reorganize citizen information.

Cleaning may include the removal of duplicate information or outdated data. Information that is no longer accurate or which is erroneous may harm government services. Too many inaccurate records may cause bottlenecks for public services. They, of course, may also result in poor customer experience across the board.

Therefore, a simple filtration system could ensure that multiple data handlers and siloes communicate efficiently.

Clarity and Privacy

The data governments hold on citizens is likely to be sensitive. The very nature of the US Patriot Act and more besides safeguarding a lot of the information governments hold on people. They also govern and dictate how that data can be held.

Many bodies are taking this seriously, as is right. Around 60% of IT experts working for the federal government actively analyze data. That is falling short of citizen expectations.

If data is not processed and analyzed to a greater extent, this could mean that there is not enough careful precaution applied. Citizens need reassurance that the data held on them is not only accurate but that it is also being held in a fair and just manner.

In light of social media controversy in recent years, data privacy is clear in the minds of many. Therefore, governments and federal agencies must do more to protect their citizens. This requires not only reassurance and confidence but also clarity. It will also require greater attention paid to weights and measures.

That may not be possible if, for example, governments are using unstructured data. Or they may even be using outdated technology. As data is always growing, there has never been a better time to clean up available data.

How Can WinPure Help?

The future of data for governments and public bodies all over the world must be clean and accurate.

WinPure specializes in creating clean, accessible, and cross-platform data services for government bodies. By removing duplicates and keeping data pure, government services can continue to provide relevant support, just like it was used by Luton Borough Council.

Our governments hold a plethora of sensitive data. It is, therefore, essential for their data systems to be as flexible and as transparent as possible. That will not only help those handling the data but will also help to improve citizens’ experiences.

WinPure is already working with a variety of delegated civil bodies across the US. As data continues to grow, so will the need for more transparent, cleaner methods of accessing it.

If your government office or agency could benefit from a data audit, WinPure may be able to help. Please consider taking a closer look at our software’s data cleaning solutions and contact our team for more information.

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