Address Verification Software

Check the validity and deliverability of every physical worldwide address. Enhance your location database by adding latitude & longitude coordinates.

Data Deduplication Software

The most powerful data deduplication software to quickly and accurately clean data and remove all duplicates.

Data Cleansing Tool

Industry-leading data cleansing tool to quickly and accurately clean and scrub data. Remove all duplicates from your marketing / mailing lists, databases, spreads

Data Quality Software

Best-in-class data quality software to quickly and accurately clean data and remove all duplication from lists, databases and CRM's.

Data Matching Software

Our data matching software tool finds matching customer records, it merges data and removes duplicate records. Download free demo today.

Data Preparation Tool

Profile, cleanse, deduplicate and transform data from an intuitive interface without the need of IT or a data specialist.

Data Profiling Tools

Data profiling software helps you achieve data validation, which is what you need before data can be used for business intelligence, reporting and analysis.

Data Scrubbing Software

Best-In-Class Data Scrubbing Software to Increase Operational Efficiency

Email Verification

Our email address verifier tool for email will lookup and check emails to see if they are valid.

Fuzzy Matching Software

#1 fuzzy matching software tool available to download for free. Accurate CRM matching, merge data and remove duplicates.

Merge Purge Software

Best-in-class merge purge tool to quickly and accurately highlight, remove and combine records
From your marketing / mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, crm’s

Address Capture

WinPure™ Address Capture will predict, in real-time, the verified complete address a user is entering with each keystroke.

Record Linkage

The premier Data Cleansing & Record Linkage software solution
World’s best record linkage accuracy

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