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NCOA (National Change of Address) Service

Improve Mail Deliverability and Qualify for Postal Discounts

NCOA (National Change of Address) Service

Over 44 million American consumer & businesses move each year. Because so many of your customers are moving, outdated addresses in your mailing list could be a major cause of undeliverable-as-addressed mail and waste, driving up your costs. Send us your mail file and our WinPure Service Bureau will update the addresses of customers that have moved – before you mail. We’ll match your list against the full USPS NCOALink dataset of approximately 160 million moves on file over the last 48 months. As a NCOALink Service Provider, WinPure guarantees the lowest price for your service.

Our NCOA service helps you improve deliverability rates, save money through postage discounts, eliminate wasted postage by updating addresses, and keep databases free of outdated and inaccurate addresses by applying the most advanced hygiene tools in the industry.


Benefits of NCOA validation
Some of the benefits of using WinPure NCOA Change of Address Service:

  • Stay in touch with moving customers to reduce undeliverable mail costs
  • Bulk shipping discounts that are impossible without NCOA verification
  • Better contact data quality
  • FREE Report before purchasing, even includes Potential Direct Mail Cost Savings.


What you will receive from WinPure NCOALink® process:

  • Updated addresses for 18 and 48-month moves
  • Address standardization
  • Identified Move Types
  • Identified Address Types
  • Identified Vacancies
  • An Interactive Move Map


If you want to receive the bulk mail postage rate from the Postal Service, you MUST have an NCOA updated mailing list. Contact us today for a quote & FREE Report.


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