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Remove Duplicate Records and Rows

Removing duplicate records and rows can sometimes be a time consuming task which is why WinPure have created powerful and easy-to-use software to make removing of duplicate data an easy process. Having duplicate records in lists and databases can raise many issues including increasing mailing costs, annoying customers or undermining their confidence in your company and increase resistance to implementing new systems. WinPure Clean & Match  has been designed to help with these issues and below is how the software is used to remove duplicate records and rows.

WinPure Clean and Match provides both a basic and advanced methods to delete duplicates, whether its a quick email address duplicate removal that is required, or a more sophisticated near-matching duplicate removal on names and addresses, both methods will remove duplicates records and rows and ensure your lists and databases are free from duplications

In the example below you will see two groups of duplicates. Without removing the duplicates these two people will receive three mailing each, causing both to feel quite aggrieved. Clean & Match provides the option to either automatically remove the duplicate records or to allow you to manually determine which records should stay and which records should be removed. The software also provides a powerful and automatic method to merge the duplicated records.

What is duplicate removal?

Duplicate removal is the process of removing records that are identical. In fact, the records do not need to be identical to be a considered duplicates. Using powerful duplicate removal software like WinPure Clean & Match will accuratly identify duplicate records that have been entered onto the list or database seemingly different. It might be a case of a mis-spelling (John Smith > J Smyth) or a case of using a different firstname (John or Jon). Removing records and rows can be a lengthy and mundane process, but using a good duplicate removal software can save a lot of time, but more importantly it reduce marketing postage costs by removing duplicate records from your database using advanced duplicate removal software.