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What Sets Winpure Apart From Other Phone Validation Tools And Services?

Phone Verification Benefits

  • Save on wasted fees – Only calls made, or SMS messages sent, to valid numbers.
  • Connect with customers - Valid numbers mean fast and efficient communications at each stage of the sales process.
  • Customer satisfaction Improve retention and repeat order rates by keeping customers informed throughout their journey.

Phone Verification Features

  • Comprehensive validation – WinPure’s phone number verification service will also check its validity and whether it can receive SMS messages.
  • Mobile global network – For a given number, find: network code and name, country, country prefix and number type.
  • Flexible API – Access the insights you need and choose when to validate – at point of capture, pre-send or as a batch cleanse.

Did you know?

it’s estimated 91% of adults keep their phone within arm’s reach always, meaning mobile is fast becoming the best way to keep in touch with customers. WinPure’s phone verification will ensure you only place calls or send SMS messages to valid numbers.

Applications of Mobile & Phone Verification

On Websites & Apps

Check numbers captured in your online and app forms are accurate.​

In your CRM

Check numbers taken over the phone are valid and entered correctly by staff.

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