World's first GUI-based identity resolution powered by AI engine

Experience the power of a smart, self-learning AI in identity resolution. Get in-depth overviews of potential matches, duplicates, and hidden relationships between data sets - all in a no-code interface designed for business & tech users alike.

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Identity resolution made easy,
affordable, & accessible

Identity resolution (IR) is the process of identifying whether all the ‘Bob Jones’ in your database point to the same person. A great feature that came with prohibitive costs. But not anymore. WinPure has changed the game with AI by making identity resolution easy, smart, accessible, and affordable regardless of your business size. Make sense of your data, without spending a fortune.  

entity resolution
entity resolution

Simplifying Identity Resolution with an
intuitive platform

Identity resolution has largely been a technical task implemented by developers. However, with more business users working directly with customer data, IR has become an instrumental multi-dimensional tool. Senzing’s purpose-built AI works with WinPure’s user-friendly data management platform to help both business users and developers meet organizational goals faster.

entity resolution

How customers use our identity resolution
(and the results they achieved!)


  • Resolve customers with multiple accounts – AI identity resolution can identify customers who hold multiple accounts under different names or variations
  • Fraud detection & prevention – consolidation of multiple customer records and treatment of duplicates enables better fraud detection & prevention
  • Single views – of customers across different channels (online store, physical locations) enabling better targeted marketing campaigns and personalized recommendations
  • Pattern recognition – customers use the AI to analyze large volumes of data to identify hidden patterns and relationships that can uncover suspicious or fraudulent activities

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We’ve helped businesses & government organizations across the US, UK, AUS, CAD, and other countries improve their data quality.


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Recommended by industry leaders
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Eric Branson
Eric Branson
Founder of Highr

Definitely recommend WinPure for anyone dealing with large quantities of data. The fuzzy matching is really intuitive and after a bit of testing with the settings it ends up being able to remove dupes better than anything else I've ever tried.

Alexander Goldenberg
Director of Information Technology and Operations

Using WinPure shaves hours off when comparing data from different sources. Its very fast and the results are brilliant. The product support and ease of use are great. The support team is very knowledgeable and easy to connect with.

ed 100 150x150 1
Edward B.
Company Owner

We perform multiple matching projects for our clients and WinPure has filled the bill for these. The product is very easy to use, incredibly fast and we can complete a large matches in a very short time.

richard 100 150x150 1
Richard F.
Company Owner

WinPure is a really great product, we've been using it with excellent results for many years now, for finding and removing duplicate records and to keep our lists and database more accurate.

cynthia 100 150x150 1
Cynthia T.
Director of Information Technology

WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise works really great to analyze data and find duplicated customer records. It saves us tons of money when mailing catalogs. This is a great product for the money and easy to use.

naveed 100 150x150 1
Naveed B.
IT Consultant

A very powerful but easy to use tool for cleansing and removing duplicates from databases. I have used Clean & Match for many of my clients, and I am regularly recommending this product to other companies.