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Indutry Leading Fuzzy Matching Tool to quickly and accurately highlight and remove duplications

From your marketing / mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, CRM’s

  • Improve the accuracy, completeness, relevance, and/or consistency of an organization’s data
  • Industry’s fastest matching and deduplication
  • Highly Rated – Industry Awards
  • World-class customer support

Fuzzy Matching Software from WinPure™

What sets WinPure apart from other Fuzzy Matching Tools?


  • Increase the accuracy and reduce time spent manually deduping contacts.
  • Reduce marketing postage costs by eliminating duplicate records and ensuring data is up-to-date and error free.
  • Advanced fuzzy algorithms to find duplicates that other products often miss.


  • identify non-identical duplicates –  by specifying match fields and similarity thresholds
  • Advanced Matching  – score matches, assign weights, and group non-exact matches using advanced  probabilistic matching techniques.
  • Intelligent Data Matching – due to entirely in-memory and scales automatically across multiple processor.


Fuzzy Matching Made Easy

WinPure’s Data Matching Software uses fuzzy matching and multicultural intelligence to find similarities within personal and business data sets. Unlike other products that look for exact matches, it uses multiple search algorithms in order to find the most matches possible regardless of exact spelling or sequencing

  • Non-Phoentic Fuzzy Matching – To match keying errors and transpositions (such as Sandler and Sander) and reading errors (such as Naylor and Maylor).
  • Firstname Nickname Matching – Identify near-matching person names, initials and even nicknames like Dave & David, Bob & Robert, Debora for Debra, etc.
  • Company Name Matching – Advanced methods to identify company names with different definitions (eg. Flowers Limited = Flowers LTD, Marketing World PLC = Marketing World, etc).
  • Street Address Matching to identify matching addresses with different abbreviations.For example, 10 Main Street would match against 10 Main Str, 25 Park Road would match against 25 Park Rd, etc
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Connects to all popular Files, Databases & CRM’s

Import / Export files, databases & CRM’s including Text/CSV, Excel, XML, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MS Azure, Salesforce & more.

Clean & Match any kind of data.

WinPure provides instant access to data of any kind with out-of-the-box connectors to everything from personal spreadsheets to enterprise data warehouses and massive big data systems.

Intelligent Data Matching with Golden Record Technology

An easy-to-use, wizard-driven Fuzzy Matching Solution that you can also automate

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Why Use WinPure for Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy software such as WinPure Clean and Match incorporates the latest fuzzy matching algorithms to make deduplicating, cleaning, and integrating data much simpler and faster. Using fuzzy matching, duplicated names, addresses and company names can be found with ease, even if data records are incomplete or have been entered into the database in different ways.


Data Quality Made Easy

“We enjoyed using this WinPure data quality tool. It is not complicated at all. Other platforms that we looked into were much more complex and not as easy to use and learn”

– G2 Crowd Review

Vodafone uses WinPure for Data Matching

“We were very impressed by both its speed and accuracy of the matches it found and we are already planning to use the software against other lists and databases across the business!”

– B Flynn, Vodafone Group

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What is Fuzzy Matching?

Fuzzy matching is a method that provides an improved ability to process word-based matching queries to find matching phrases or sentences from a lists or database. When an exact match is not found for a sentence or phrase, fuzzy matching can be applied. The process compares any data type of any length and from any place in a field to find non-exact matches. Fuzzy matching software tools like WinPure Clean & Match can be used to identify duplicated records across lists and databases, to help save on duplicate mailings and increase customer satisfaction. Download a free trial and start fuzzy matching on your lists and databases today.