Protects your reputation by reducing your bounce rate
Removes bad emails to improve overall inbox delivery metrics
Avoid getting marked as a spammer by Internet Service Providers
World-class customer support

What sets WinPure apart from other email verification tools?

Email Verification Benefits

  • Reduces email bounces – WinPure Email Verifier Pro can reduce your bounce rate by 98% or higher and help your emails get delivered to the inbox of your customer.
  • Increases campaign ROI A cleaned verified email list automatically means you’re sending out fewer emails than before. Not just that, the emails you’re sending out are well-targeted

  • 100% online & safe – Email Verifier Pro is an online service, there is nothing to install or software to download
  • No more bad emails – Remove dead emails, invalid syntax, and fake emails from your subscriber or other email lists.
  • Great pricing plans – Our pricing plans are of the industries most competitive, offering great value.

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Did you know?

Did you know that 66% of organizations say that email will be their most important communication channel in 2019? Or that 53% of organizations believe they have a high email bounce rate? Benefits of Email Verification.

Clean your email lists with ease


We used this tool to clean a huge email marketing list and it worked really well.

WinPure Email Verifier Pro ensures that an email address is correct and active in real-time without ever needing to send a message. Our Email Verification API can easily be deployed to all types of websites and applications including; Online Enquiry Forms, Point of Sale (POS) Systems, and Ecommerce Checkout Pages.

Our email verification platform is one of the most advanced within the industry and is continually updated to ensure the highest possible delivery rates.

With an infrastructure that allows the verification of thousands of email addresses every second, WinPure Email Verifier Pro has grown to become one of the web’s most respected email validation providers.

Fast, Accurate Email Verification

Upload your files

Our batch email verification service is ideal if you have an existing list of email addresses that you need to verify. It’s so simple, really!

Upload files, up to 100,000 emails at a time. Drag and drop files in. Formats supported are .Txt and .Csv files

Performs a pre-validation “clean-up” to remove known bad domains and invalid syntax before submitting to validation.

Every email addresses is validated by:

Syntax checking – the overall syntax of the email address is checked to see if it’s correct, e.g. Does it contain an @ sign or invalid character.

Domain checking – the domain is checked to see if it exists, and if so is it configured to accept email?

Mailbox checking – the actual mailbox is checked against the isp to see if it exists or not.

View, analyse & download the results

Download just the ok ones, the bad ones or the unknowns, or all results in one file.

See charts showing the percentages based on the result and additional result information.

Your lists are stored for up to 60 days, with the original filename preserved.

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What is Email Verification

Email verification (also known as “list cleaning” ) is the process of making sure the emails on your list are tied to an inbox. In other words, it’s making sure that the messages you are sending have somewhere to go

WinPure Email Verifier Pro is an online tool that checks whether an email is real and minimizes bounce rates, protecting a business’ domain from being flagged as a spam sender and blacklisted by email providers.

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