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What sets WinPure apart from other dedupe software?

Dedupe Software Benefits

  • Create duplicate free data you can trust for better decision making.
  • Match bought-in data to make sure you don’t send existing customers offers intended for new customers.
  • Avoid wasted direct marketing spend and upsetting customers by sending duplicate mail.

Dedupe Software Features

  • Advanced algorithms Quickly find fuzzy, phonetic, mis-keyed, numeric, abbreviated, and domain-specific matches.
  • Match on anything – not just name and address, but email, phone number, date of birth, account number etc.
  • Lightning speed processing due to entirely in-memory and scales automatically across multiple processor.
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Match your data with ease & sophistication

Superfast intelligent data matching

WinPure Clean & Match Software will find the most true matches with least false matches thanks both to its intelligent data matching engine and combining it with the in-built knowledge base library system.

  • Non-Phonetic Fuzzy Matching – To match keying errors and transpositions (such as Sandler and Sander) and reading errors (such as Naylor and Maylor).
  • Firstname Nickname Matching – Identify near-matching person names, initials and even nicknames like Dave & David, Bob & Robert, Debora for Debra, etc.
  • Company Name Matching – Advanced methods to identify company names with different definitions (e.g. Flowers Limited = Flowers LTD, Marketing World PLC = Marketing World, etc.).
  • Street Address Matching to identify matching addresses with different abbreviations. For example, 10 Main Street would match against 10 Main Str, 25 Park Road would match against 25 Park Rd, etc


Connects to all popular files, databases & CRM's

Import / Export files, databases & CRM’s including Text/CSV, Excel, XML, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MS Azure, Salesforce & more.

Dedupe any kind of data.

WinPure provides instant access to data of any kind with out-of-the-box connectors to everything from personal spreadsheets to enterprise data warehouses and massive big data systems.

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Complete set of data deduplication tools

Dedupe Software Made Easy

Duplicate matches are beautifully presented with individual scores and many tools are included to help with merge/purge,  selecting master records, deleting, updating and exporting the results.

  • Multiple views including group matches, non matches and all data.
  • Master Record Rule Creator – Define rules to automatically select master records.
  • Update/Overwrite  – Automatically update or overwrite values within matching groups.
  • Fast Delete Tool – Instantly remove all the matching, non-matching or selected records.
  • Powerful Merging Tool –  Merge together duplicate records to create one Master Record, including option to keep all existing values.

Intelligent data matching with golden record technology

dedupe matching

Stunning visuals to highlight all matching records & scores

What is deduplication software?

Dedupe Software allows you to import your lists from a variety of data sources, including excel, access, sql server and more. The ability to clean, dedupe and merge-purge at an affordable price is now possible using award-winning WinPure deduplication software. Removing records and rows can be a lengthy and mundane process. Using a good duplicate removal software can save a lot of time, but more importantly it reduce marketing postage costs by removing duplicate records from your database using advanced duplicate removal software.

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