DataSpeak Webinar Episode #7: Five Critical Steps for a Successful Data Strategy Implementation to Transform Your Business.

Wed, Nov 23rd, 2022, 2:00 pm (GMT)

Most leaders know they have to align people, processes, technology, and data for business transformation. What they struggle with is getting started! What should a data strategy entail, what key steps are required, and what pitfalls to avoid in a successful implementation?  Find out the answers to these critical questions in an action-driven webinar with transformation leader and expert, Dora Boussias as she shares a five-step data strategy implementation plan that you can use to kickstart your business transformation, successfully.

Guest Speaker: Dora Boussias 

Dora Boussias

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Aligning data strategy with business strategy
Establishing data governance & quality control for meaningful insights
Defining roles, accountability, and empowering business users
Implementing for business resiliency
Leading culture change

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