Exclusive DataSpeak Webinar – with Scott Taylor


DataSpeak Webinar – Episode 4

Why Business Leaders Should Double Down on Data & Digital Transformation

With Guest Speaker – Scott Taylor

In 2022 the stakes are much higher. Is it time to double down on data and digital transformation?

The 4th industrial revolution is driving social, political, scientific, educational, and economic transformation, fueling the birth of new technologies, new markets, new economies, digital transformation, business modernization, advanced automation, artificial intelligence, and powerful digital communities.

Advancements include centralization, decentralization, real-time information exchange, predictive analytics, global competition, accelerated growth, expansion, and reinvention at an unprecedented scale, and the transition from mostly manual labor, to an economy dominated by speed, information, technology, knowledge workers, and new global consumers -without- twentieth-century borders, and -with- much higher expectations.

In all of this, business leaders need to double down on data and digital transformation. Why? Find out with “the” Data Whisperer – Scott Taylor!

Date: 18th August 2022
Venue: Linkedin Live
Time: 02:00 P.M EST.

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