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Data Profiling Benefits

  • Create duplicate free data you can trust for better decision making.
  • Match bought-in data to make sure you don’t send existing customers offers intended for new customers.
  • Avoid wasted direct marketing spend and upsetting customers by sending duplicate mail.

Data Profiling Features

  • Create single or multi level matching definitions.
  • Match on anything – not just name and address, but email, phone number, date of birth, account number etc.
  • Lightning speed processing due to entirely in-memory and scales automatically across multiple processor.
data profile

Profile your data with ease & sophistication

The Data Profiling / Statistics module within WinPure™ Clean & Match is a user-friendly and powerful data profiling tool that can help your business to discover patterns and meaning in your data and to check the quality of your data by analyzing formats, types, completeness and value counts.

It presents you with a complete set of statistics which you can use to help clean and correct your data, and to prepare it better for data matching.

  • One-Click Operation
  • Fully customize
  • View Real-time changes
  • Save and re-use Data Cleaning Matrix designs on other datasets
  • Understand data completeness and data quality issues clearly and quickly

What is Data Profiling Software?

Data profiling provides the means of analyzing large amounts of data using a systematic, consistent, repeatable and metrics-based process. Given today’s data dynamic nature, you should continuously assess the quality of your data. Data profiling software tools like WinPure Clean & Match provides a means to quickly help any size business to discover patterns and meaning within their data. It will check the quality of  data by analyzing formats, types, completeness and value counts.   The end purpose being to give you data you can use with confidence.


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