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Introducing the WinPure™

Data Cleaning Matrix

Intelligent Data Cleansing

The new Data Cleaning Matrix within WinPure™ Clean & Match provides a simple yet sophisticated method of applying a whole host of cleaning processes onto your data.

Containing an array of tools to help clean, correct, standardize and transform your data the Data Cleaning Matrix is divided into 7 sections, each section focusing on a specific data cleaning operation. All settings can then be stored and used on other similar data sets thus saving an incredible amount of time.

  • One-Click Operation
  • Fully customize
  • View Real-time changes
  • Save and re-use Data Cleaning Matrix designs

The Data Cleaning Matrix is divided into 7 sections, each section focusing on a specific cleaning operations.

  • 1. Remove focuses on effectively removing unwanted characters from your lists – Trailing Spaces, Comma, Dots, Hyphens, Apostrophes, Leading Spaces, Letters, Numbers, Non Printable, Spaces, Multiple Spaces, New Line, Tab Char and Other Characters
  • 2. Convert focuses on converting common mistakes that can occur during data entry – O’s to Noughts, L’s to 1’s, Noughts to O’s, 1’s to L’s
  • 3. Standardise will allow you to select and convert entire columns to either UPPERCASE, lowercase or Proper Case characters 
  • 4. Split is for splitting columns into various parts – including Person Name, Address, City/State/ZIP, Name & Email, Email, Telephone, Date Time, Words etc.
  • 5. Merge will allow you to join values  from multiple columns and place them into a newly created column. For example, on a list that contains the fields “Firstname” and “Surname” with the values “John” and “Smith”, this may be concatenated to give “John Smith” in a separate column. You can also select which order the values are to be added. 
  • 6. Shift will allow you to move values on selected columns over to the left or right.
  • 7. Word Manager can be used to correct, replace, extract, count or delete any values/words within columns.You can create your own custom dictionaries and spelling checkers and use any language you wish, and then save the settings to be used for other WinPure projects. 

The Data Cleaning Matrix is available on all Clean & Match Editions

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  • Always Recommending WinPure

    A very powerful but easy to use tool to for cleansing and removing duplicates from databases.  I have used Clean & Match for many of my clients, and I am regular recommending this product to other companies.

    Naveed B
    Naveed B IT Consultant
  • Excellent Software & Support

    WinPure is a really great product, we've been using it with excellent results for many years now, for finding and removing duplicate records and to keep our lists and database more accurate.

    Richard F
    Richard F Company Owner
  • Excellent Product & Customer Service.

    We perform multiple matching projects for our clients and WinPure has filled the bill for these. The product is easy to use and we can complete a large matches in a very short time.

    Edward B
    Edward B Company Owner
  • Great Data Quality Software

    WinPure Clean & Match works great to analyze data and find duplicates. It saves us tons of money when mailing catalogs.  This is a great product for the money and easy to use.

    Cynthia T
    Cynthia T Director of Information Technology
  • Best Data Cleansing Software

    Not only does it execute its job with ease, but also provides ease of use and extreme comfort in doing so. This is the kind of product that once you start using you will not be able to drop down! I would highly recommend any business or user who has any data cleansing or matching needs to use this program!

    G2 Crowd Review
    G2 Crowd Review G2 Crowd

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