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Integrate easily into your .net applications.

The WinPure™ Clean & Match API can be used to add advanced cleaning and state of the art fuzzy duplicate search into your own custom applications. It is the same core data engine which delivers advanced data cleaning and intelligent fuzzy matching of contact data within WinPure’s award-winning Clean & Match Software Suite. The component provides a compact and efficient solution to the problems of data quality and duplication on any Windows based system. Featuring in-memory processing it uses multi-threading  to produce results at lightening speeds.  It encapsulates multiple algorithms for detecting phonetic, fuzzy, miskeyed, and abbreviated variations of data. – amongst its most common uses are duplicate prevention, inquiry and deduplication.

  • Features advanced algorithms which are universal for any string data (Names, Addresses, Materials, etc).
  • In memory processing with parallel execution, making full usage of modern Core-iX cpu’s and 64-bit systems
  • Industry Leading matching capabilities to integrate into your applications
  • Sample code included for Visual Basic and c#
  • Notebly higher power and speed through parallel execution and 64-bit
  • Thereby practically unlimited size of data searchable
  • Full usage of modern Core-iX cpu’s and 64-bit systems
  • Uses DotNet 4.5 Framework
  • Display of the match-factor and score within the results
  • New Matching Group Level options
  • Real time progress status during processing