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Clear Blue


Clear Blue are providers of business and consumer mailing lists. They supply all types of lists for many different industries. They focus on providing accurate, effective and highly responsive lists.


Clear Blue required some software that would help to deduplicate Access databases, on both single and multiple columns. James Barwell is the List Manager for Clear Data and explains, “It is imperative for a reputable list company to supply its customers with lists devoid of any duplicates. We required an easy-to-use, fast and powerful dedupe software tool that would enable us to quickly process these lists before we send to our customers”.


WinPure Clean & Match would be the ideal software for Clear Blue because of its simple-to-use features, its fast data cleansing performance engine and the ability to find and remove duplications in the shortest time possible. Clean & Match also contains many other list cleaning features that Clear Blue would also find invaluable.
James Barwell continues, “WinPure gives us the confidence to roll out our databases in the knowledge that the number of records our customers pay for are the number of distinct records on the list we supply to them. We can now provide our customers with counts which truly reflect the state of our databases. WinPure is extremely easy to use and very fast, and we recommend this software to all our customers who require deduplication and data cleansing”.


Clear Blue