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The requirement was to find an easy-to-use and cost-effective software solution that would accurately match addresses from two data sources rather than develop a solution in-house.


laptop slide 2 main slider1Apex Innovations looked and tried out several other data matching tools but due to the accuracy of the matches and the ease of use, they choose WinPure Clean & Match.   Clean & Match will match records from one source against records from another source, in fact, the two sources can be of different file formats. Using its advanced fuzzy matching data deduplication option, it will identify duplicate records that exist in both sources. Once complete the user can decide which source the duplicates can be removed from. The user at this stage has a number of different options available. They can remove duplicates from either of the sources, or they can export the duplicates list as a separate file. These powerful but easy to use options was one of the reasons why Apex Innovations bought into WinPure Clean & Match.

Caroline Chong
Product Manager -

We choose WinPure Clean and Match because it was very easy to use and was able to identify duplications that we never expected to find. Our customer rep at WinPure was very responsive and whenever we sent an email they were very quick to respond. I’m more than happy to recommend this software.

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