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Outsourcing their data cleansing, data matching and address verification projects was becoming very expensive and the team decided to look for a more cost effective solution so the work could be completed in-house.  There was also a concern about data security so ideally they wanted a cost effective solution that worked on premise, rather than over the cloud.

Also, being within the marketing & advertising industry, its imperative they had accurate address information, as well as ensuring they had a duplicate free databases.

As Agata Zbrozek, Data Processor Manager at Allsorts pointed out:

We are constantly working with large Excel and CSV files, requiring lots of data matching and address verification. We would normally outsource this work which was costing a considerable amount of money, so we decided to search for an alternative  solution that could be managed in-house.


data matchingAfter considering a few other possible data matching & cleansing tools, and being encourage by 5 star reviews, Agata and her team chose WinPure™ Clean & Match Enterprise with UK Address Verification. Mainly due to its easy to use interface, intelligent data matching and super fast address verification, they felt really comfortable about making the investment.

Using this software it would therefore enable the team to quickly and easily remove all duplications and help validate all their address data without the need to outsource the work, and all done on-premise.

Using WinPure Clean and Match Enterprise has now enabled Allsorts to not only save a considerable amount of money by moving away from outsourcing, but they have also been able to take on more projects themselves, resulting in further added revenue.

As Agata continues,

it’s cheaper and  faster compared to when we outsourced our work, and also has increased our ability to take on other data quality jobs.


  • World-Class Data Matching – Allsorts were able to match & merge their large Excel & CSV files  quickly and more cost effectively.
  • Significant Cost Saving – By moving away from outsourcing all their data cleansing jobs, Allsorts have saved a considerable amount of money.

Agata Zbrozek
Data Processor Manager -

Compared to when we outsourced all our data cleansing & matching jobs, using WinPure has helping our business save a considerable amount of money.

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