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18th April 2012

WinPure Release Clean & Match 2012, Powerful Data Cleansing and Data Deduplication Software Suite.

WinPure Ltd, a worldwide leading provider of data cleansing and data deduplication (dedupe) software, have today released Clean & Match 2012. WinPure Clean & Match 2012 is the latest edition, following on from the award-winning Clean & Match 2009. Already acclaimed for its easy-to-use interface and powerful data cleansing and data deduplication functionalities, WinPure have now added a host of new features that will provide end users with even better and quicker methods to save time and money.

Reading, Berkshire October 19, 2009 — Marketing Director David Leivesley explains, “Earlier this year we performed some extensive research into how our users were using Clean & Match, in particular looking at ways to further improve the software, Clean & Match 2012 is the result of this exercise.”

Together with a host of new features, Clean & Match 2012 contains two additional cleaning modules, a Column Splitter & Column Merger module. The Column Splitter module contains advanced and powerful functions for splitting columns into various parts. A persons full name can be split into title, firstname, surname, etc. For example the name Mr Steven De Morgan Phd can be split into separate columns containing “Mr”, “Steven”, “De Morgan” and “Phd”. Email addresses can be split into domain, sub domains, country etc. Telephone numbers can be split into international code, national code and much more. The Column Merger module will allow you to join (concatenate) values from two separate columns and to place them into a newly created column. For example, on a list that contains the fields “Firstname” and ‘Surname” with the values “John” and “Smith”, this may be concatenated to give “John Smith” in a separate column. What we call “floating fields” can be tidied by means of shifting the column values in one direction if there are empty fields. This is automatically done for each record individually.

One of the biggest improvements on Clean & Match 2012 has been the method to merge duplicated records, particular from two lists. Users are now able to apply the merging actions to a selection of columns only. For two table matching column mapping is allowed where the column names are usually different. Clean & Match 2012 not only offers a much easier approach to merging and deleting, but also provides a few extra options to speed up the merging process.

The data deduplication (dedupe) engine has also seen improvements. Not only has there been some improvements in its fuzzy matching algorithms but the addition of a new functionality that will help users to choose whether or not they are interested in viewing the duplicates or just the matching records across the two tables.

Clean & Match 2012 is now fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and offers more user customization, David Leivesley continues, “Clean & Match is currently being used in over 30 countries and by offering the ability to customize all of its settings, the user can modify these in any language they wish, thus providing a more accurate cleaning and data matching process for whichever language they use.”

WinPure Clean & Match 2012 runs under Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows Server 2003/2008 and costs $925(US) or £608(GBP). Existing WinPure customers can upgrade to Clean & Match 2012 at a discounted rate. To learn more and to download a free evaluation version of the software visit Multi-user license packs are also available at a discount.

About WinPure

WinPure are a worldwide leading provider of list and data quality solutions that are powerful, simple to use, inexpensive and most importantly can be used by anyone rather than just IT specialists or data cleaning experts. WinPure also provides a range of data services that are aimed at further improving data quality and providing a clean starting point for ongoing database management. Businesses around the world are now using WinPure software to help improve the quality of their information, helping them to increase profitability through more accurate data, and reducing costs by eliminating duplications, spelling errors and mistakes. WinPure products are relied upon by thousands of international companies, non profit & government agencies, educational organizations and individuals in over 30 countries from around the world.


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