deliverThe world has come to a halt due to the current situation that has become a global crisis. Businesses around the globe have been forced to shut down as governments work to find a solution to the problem that has infected millions of people and some argue that it is now the time to start delivering.

Businesses might not be allowed to open stores and offices but that cannot prevent them from making sales because the demand is still there, especially for essential items like food and medical supplies.

In fact, according to reports, delivery services recorded a big surge in business amid the Covid 19 crisis. Some major corporations including Domino’s Pizza and Amazon have announced major hirings due to the increased demand to deliver goods.

There is hope that these new hirings can balance the economy as many businesses layoff employees due to the sudden decrease in business. Delivery companies like Uber Eats have been offering free delivery to support stay at home initiatives. The sudden surge in demand pushed Amazon to temporarily halt its popular Prime Pantry service while marijuana companies have also been recording a high number of sales via delivery.

While some stores have been shut, some including medical stores and grocery stores have been allowed to operate under stricter policies. But, we can’t deny the fact that people are scared and they do not want to go out, which is why it is important to start delivering now.

If your business isn’t currently delivering then we have 6 reasons why it might be time to make a move and start a delivery service.

#1 Win More Customers

It’s a given that a large percentage of buyers will not be able to go out and purchase what they want. However, they’re still looking for ways to order goods.

Amazon and other big names are delivering products but shipments can be delayed, which means it’s a good time for local sellers to rise up to the occasion and start delivering.

#2 Improve Goodwill

Customers do not enjoy businesses that remain ‘shut’. If they go to your website, they want you to provide them what they want. If they don’t find it, they’ll most probably go to your competitor and you may never be able to win back a lost client.

By offering delivery services, you can win more customers and push them to consider your business over competitors by being there when they need you.

This can have a very positive impact on your business as customers would look at you as a professional provider.

#3 Continue to Earn

Being able to deliver means you will continue to make money even if your store remains shut.

This is important because not being able to earn money to pay your expenses such as salaries, utility bills, and rent can cause businesses to go bankrupt.

Many businesses including the multi million dollar franchise XFL have filed for bankruptcy. The brand had no choice, it can’t offer events in the current scenario but you can. So, why not take the option when you have it.

#4 Save You Money

Going online and offering delivery can save you money as it is cheaper to sell online than to have a brick and mortar store.

We’re not only talking about offering deliveries during coronavirus but to go beyond and to have a business model that encourages people to shop online instead of queuing up outside your store.

You can charge a delivery fee to cover your expenses if you are worried about having to foot the bill.

#5 Beneficial In the Future

Online shopping is on the rise and the industry is said to be worth 4 trillion. Many expect it to increase at a faster rate now that more people have started to buy online, a trend that will continue even after the pandemic.

The US is expected to have over 300 million online shoppers by 2023 – a staggering 91% of the country’s population.

If you go online today and start to deliver orders, you will be able to benefit from it in the future as well. It’s an investment worth making.

#6 Benefit Your Employees

Many states have made ‘grocery employees’ emergency staff members, which means they are now eligible for free childcare.

So How Can I Go Online and Deliver Goods?


Offer no-contact delivery and follow all the protocols so that you, your employees, and your clients can remain safe and healthy.


You must have correct data to be able to deliver properly and in a timely manner. The best way to ensure the reliability of your data is to use a data matching software like WinPure Clean & Match.

Our tool is designed to identify and correct errors to ensure your business goes smoothly.


You can hire partners or work with a delivery provider. They’ll charge you a commission on each sale. You will have to provide correct addresses to ensure there are no mishaps. This is even more important in today’s time as the fewer people touch an order the better it is.

You can use WinPure Clean & Match Address Verification tool to ensure you have correct addresses. It can help you save time and money.

We can never overemphasize the importance of correct addresses, especially during the current scenario.

Our award-winning tools come with free trials & training to help you gauge how they can help your business so you can start delivering right away.

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By Moe Sid | April 26th, 2020 | Posted in Address Verification

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