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data cleansingThe real value of any business is in its list of clients or marketing lists and not other assets as is widely believed. These are the lists that are usually used again and again to keep customers and prospects informed about the very latest offers available from the business. These marketing lists as pure gold to many enterprises.

In this day and age when consumers are bombarded by too much marketing “noise marketing lists have become even more critical and there are businesses that rely totally on these lists and nothing else to pull in business. The personal touch in receiving communication directed precisely at you as an individual is a powerful way of marketing anything you can think of.

But there are major hurdles and obstacles that most entrepreneurs have to go through to maintain quality marketing lists. People move and relocate all the time. All kinds of other errors inevitable grow into a list no matter how careful you are. This includes having the same address or name listed twice in the same database. Initially this may seem like a small thing that should not lose anybody any sleep as long as the marketing list remains responsive.

This is not exactly true. If you have a small marketing list it may admittedly seem trivial to worry about one or two errors or duplicates on your list. However the costs of such mistakes takes a whole new dimension when the list runs into tens of thousands of names. Then you also need to consider how frequently the list is used even if it is a small one. If communication is going out, say, twice a month than you need to multiply the cost of your errors both in terms of time spent and actual cost of each wrong mailing on your list by a staggering 24 times. You will quickly realize that the figures do tend to add up rather rapidly.

Luckily there is plenty of help out there if you know exactly what you are looking for. What you need is a good duplicate free or data cleansing software.

Advantages of Using Software To Remove Duplicates From  Your Marketing List

Data Cleansing software comes with many advantages. It will easily and dramatically improve the quality of the data on your marketing list by cleansing and removing errors and duplicate entries. Good quality software like Dedupe software for instance should be able to clean files in numerous different formats including text files, excel, Access and so on making it very easy to use in many different situations.

Using data cleansing software to remove duplicates will help reduce and eliminate the unnecessary costs that would have to be incurred when you keep on using a marketing list that you know has errors. There is also the often ignored issue of the image of the business. What impression do you usually get of a business that keeps on mailing you in error again and again?

There should be really no excuse for any business or smart entrepreneur not using good data cleansing software because not only are they now more affordable but also fairly easy to use.

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