The world is a huge place and businesses want to rule it all. This may sound impossible but we already have giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon with an international presence. Even some small businesses now have clients all over the world. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the internet has made it possible to deliver services and products internationally. However, this presents businesses with a unique challenge.

Not everyone country has street names or numbers. The problem came to the front when companies tried to carve a niche in Dubai where there are no proper house addresses, making it difficult for some big giants to make a mark.

This is where geocoding comes into play. It divides the world into longitude and latitude to help you reach your exact location. It’s reliable, it’s fast, and it’s being used around the globe.

The Importance of Geocoding

Let’s talk about some of the main reasons why geocoding is still useful:

  • It is surprisingly common for houses to have no numbers or streets to have no names in some parts of the world. It can be very difficult for companies to identify the exact location in such cases.
  • A small typo or missing number can lead to incorrect delivery and other such issues. There are no such risks when it comes to geocoding.
  • It can be difficult for users to input a complete address as the process can be time consuming, especially on mobile devices since they can’t always store such information. GPS removes this problem by automatically identifying coordinates.

GPS addresses are already used all around the world. In fact, they are even common in countries where houses have proper names and numbers.

This is because it offers ease to both consumers and sellers. According to reports, a large number of users prefer to let the GPS pick their location instead of manually selecting their location. It saves them time and energy and it allows businesses to retain more customers.

The problem, however, is that users cannot remember their exact coordinates. These figures can be very complicated and long. This is why businesses need a system that can quickly and precisely pick the coordinates. This is where the Global Positioning System, more popularly known as the GPS, comes into play.

How Does it Work?

Gone are the days when we used the sun or direction to measure latitudes and longitudes. Thanks to better technology, coordinates can now be calculated within seconds. 

There’s a network of satellites providing the latest images and address-related information that businesses can leverage.

Most smartphones and devices including laptops come with GPS functionality. It can provide very high accuracy – about five meters – thus allowing businesses to effectively get what they want.

Businesses only need to integrate a tool that can use this GPS functionality to correctly identify coordinates and feed the details. 

It may not be able to find the exact address but it can fill a lot of details including country name, state name, city name, town name, and even street name, leaving only the house number for the user to put. 

Who Needs This Service?

Almost all businesses that deliver products can use geocoding to provide a nice experience to consumers. 

You may also integrate the system if your sign up process requires address details. Plus, the GPS can be used to verify location and ensure the user only inputs correct details. 

IP addresses are easy to hide but GEOlocation can be difficult to change. 

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By Moe Sid | September 18th, 2019 | Posted in Address Verification

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