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A girl friend of mine moved house 6 months ago and went through the painful process of advising all the relevant utility companies, banks etc of their change of circumstances. It appears, however, that for one particular organisation she also had a sex change and is now known as Mr Brown, despite numerous calls to rectify the situation. Not too big a deal you might think but when she tried to open a savings account using a utility bill as proof of ID she was rejected, as I guess you might expect. Aaaaaaaaarghhhhhh!

This came on top of being sent one of HMRC’s penalty letter blunders that went to 12,000 lucky recipients earlier this year advising them they would face a £10 per day fine for not filling in self assessment tax forms despite being told they were no longer required to do so! This was the result of an error in the cleansing of the HMRC database and has subsequently been rectified.

When we live in an age where every organisation we interact with seems to hold data on us it is essential that that data is kept up to date, accurate and managed well. “Businesses need to invest in software, systems and processes to accurately and safely manage their customer data in order to retain the integrity of their data, their customer base , and protect their reputation.” Says David Leivesley, Managing Director, WinPure, a leading provider of data cleansing & deduplication (dedupe) software.

David went onto say “ businesses who invest in cleansing and dedupe software will see a reduction in marketing costs, an increase in the accuracy of their data and improvements to their company image.”

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