SERP, which stands for Software Evaluation and Recognition Program, is a postal certification issued by Canada Post. Its aim is to evaluate the ability of certain software to validate and correct mailing addresses. In a nutshell, SERP, AMASS and U.S. CASS are similar in the way in which they work to improve the accuracy of mail addresses. Also, all these certifications reduce the number of undeliverable mail and improve the speed of deliverability.

Thus, SERP guarantees that an application meets a minimal set of rules that we’ll discuss in a moment.

How Does SERP Work?

SERP states that, in order to be valid, an address has to be deliverable. A deliverable address follows these rules:

  • it is written in the right sequence
  • any punctuation is removed,
  • the full name of the city is added
  • The province abbreviation and the postal code are written in uppercase letters.
  • All text should be justified to the left and
  • no commas in the actual address
  • Furthermore, you should put the sender’s address in the top left corner of the envelope and the recipient’s in the bottom right corner.

A SERP compliant address looks as follows:


How Does a Software get SERP Certified?

Quality Control

Actually, the process is pretty simple. Canada Post evaluates each application based on its capacity to identify and process batches of:

  • Valid addresses
  • Invalid addresses that the software can fix
  • Invalid addresses that the software can’t  fix

Thus, a SERP compliant address verification software performs accurate address correction of those addresses that the software can fix. Also, the application discards any non-correctable addresses. It should not attempt correction.

The application performs these tests on batches of addresses. Canada Posts requires vendors to submit something called a statement of accuracy (“SOA”) that shows their accuracy score.

It is worth mentioning that Canada Post offers three types of mailing services that all fail under a program named “Address Accuracy Program”:

  • Incentive Lettermail. You can get it if you process very large volumes of identical mails.
  • Addressed Admail . Canad Post created it for customers doing direct marketing.
  • Publications Mail. This one helps newspapers and other magazines to stay in touch with their customers.

What are the benefits of SERP certification?

You might overlook that, in order to run a successful business, you have to stay connected to your customers. Obviously, this requires you to be able to seamlessly reach them.

By using a SERP compliant address verification software, you will easily determine the percentage of deliverable addresses in your database. The way this works is that, once a year,  a Statement of Accuracy is created.  The  SOA gauges the percentage of accurate addresses. If it falls below 95%, you should make adjustments.

Thus, Software Evaluation and Recognition Program helps you cut costs by greatly reducing the number of undeliverable mailing. Basically, you can say goodbye to all time consuming and costly issues that your company usually associates with undeliverable email. In the same time, your company will get rid of all the unnecessary complication you usually associate with presorting.

And there’s even more good news.

You will get the best postage rates when the address validation score exceeds 95%.


Why use WinPure Enterprise Clean and Match with Address Verification?

By know, you should have a good grasp of how SERP works. Furthermore, you should understand why it is a good approach to demand SERP compliance from your address verification software. But what sets apart WinPure Enterprise Clean & Match Enterprise from other similar solutions out there?

Good question!

The answer is actually pretty simple. Not all software verification solutions are born equal. WinPure Enterprise Clean & Match Enterprise meets and even exceeds SERP requirements. So, feel free to check it out and compare our results with those from your current solution.

And now comes the best part.

Our software is really fast and you can easily integrate it with all your existing data sources: marketing/mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, CRM’s and so on. Moreover, WinPure Enterprise Clean & Match Enterprise caters to your security needs. Hence, you can install it locally and the software will process all data securely on-premise rather than over the cloud

WinPure Clean & Match is already the go-to solution for several large enterprises such as Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, Emirates, McAfee, and Yahoo. Download the free trial and enjoy the benefits of running your address verification workloads on-premise.

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