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Lists are used for all types of purposes and every organization, big or small, use them. But to get desired results it is essential that the lists are clean and efficient. A clean and efficient list should be accurate, up-to-date, free from duplication and has complete information. Maintaining a clean and efficient list is an ongoing process so that the relevancy and the ‘current’ nature of the list is preserved. A good list cleaning software application can take care of this function effectively.
List cleaning software cleans, removes duplicates and errors from the mailing list. It thus provides an accurate list to the user. WinPure offers one of the best list cleaners on the market, that can also be used for data cleansing as well as data deduplication. These affordable and powerful software solutions are easy to use and have the ability to correct, clean, deduplicate and standardize lists. The software works efficiently on Excel, Access, text files along with other databases. The list cleaner offers 8 easy-to-use modules and can work on all sorts of lists that include email address lists, price list, product category, student lists etc.
Advantages of List Cleaning Software:* Helps to remove duplications
* Helps to correct wrong email addresses
* Helps to identify missing data with graphs & scoring system
* Eliminates unwanted errors & punctuations
* Has the ability to capitalize name & addresses.

WinPure offers two type of List Cleaning software – List Cleaner Pro & List Cleaner Lite.

WinPure List Cleaner Pro, an award winning software solution, is an all-in-one list cleaning, data cleansing and dedupe software. A software suite that makes sure that your sales list, mailing lists and contact lists have accurate data free of duplicate data. The software has 8 easy-to-use modules that include:

* DataTable
* Statistics module
* Case Converter module
* Text Cleaner module
* Column Cleaner module
* Email Cleaner module
* Dupe Remover module
* Table Matcher module.

WinPure List Cleaner Lite, is a list cleaning and dedupe software that helps to clean your list and provides error free, accurate data. It has 6 easy-to-use modules that include:* Manage your DataTables
* Manage email address lists
* Use upper & lower case consistently
* Dedupe module for duplicate records
* Clean data fields of undesired characters
* Clean column data

List Cleaning Software

List Cleaning Software

The major benefits of WinPure special list cleaning software are increased accuracy & reduction in marketing postage costs due to elimination of duplicates. It also helps in improving the overall quality of the list besides improving the company image due to error free and accurate data it offers to the user.
Visit the site and get more details about the amazing list cleaning software and start your list cleanup today!
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