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clean dataFor organisations that process and analyse large volumes of data, data cleaning is essential. Clean data is free of corruption and inaccuracy. Irrelevant, inaccurate, incomplete and incorrect data can be quickly identified for deletion, replacement and modification. Organisations rely on clean data to ensure seamless operations and without it, various issues may take place, such as invoices posted or emailed to the wrong recipients. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of clean data for today’s organisations.

5 Benefits Of Clean Data For Organisations

  1. Efficient Customer Acquisition Activities- clean data makes it possible to boost customer acquisition efforts. When creating marketing campaign, organisations need to make sure that the data used is clean, accurate and up to date. Only clean data can ensure the highest and best return from any effort. As an example, an outdated list of client contact information will provide a much lower yield than an updated list. Without clean data, it isn’t even possible for marketers to reach out to their target audiences effectively.

2. Improved Decision-Making Process- the cornerstone of any decision-making process is accurate customer data. In some B2B organisations, the amount of data processed doubles every 18 months. Also, although the data is clean initially, mistakes and errors may creep in slowly. Many organisations don’t have the proper quality control for ensuring clean data. Clean data allows for better analytics, business intelligence and accurate decision making, all of which are crucial for the success of any organisation.

3. Streamlined Business Practices- duplicate data in your database will cost you money and make your business practices less efficient. With clean data, it is easy to see whether information is accurate and reliable. Clean data ensures accurate analytics and can help organisations to decide on much more efficient business practices.

4. Improve Productivity- a well maintained and clean database ensures that everyone can make the best use of each work hour. Contacting clients with outdated information can slow productivity. Clean data also significantly reduces the risk of frauds, because every detail can be measured and verified.

5. Lower Costs- handling terabytes of data in real time can be expensive as it requires a large amount of processing power, which means higher requirements for equipment, space and electricity. Clean data doesn’t contain duplicates or irrelevant information, which can lower costs even more.

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