Although school councils across England may not see it, but list cleaning software like WinPure Clean & Match  could prove to be a great asset in their fight for greater funding by governments towards primary schooling. In a recent warning from the Local Government Association (LGA), a body representing school councils, it appears that councils across England have had to deal with a record £1schoolsbn for school places. And it all stems from the rising numbers in school populations.

By using list cleaning software to build credible and accurate contact lists, councils and other parties at interest can start raising greater awareness of the impending issue. Government leaders are aware that something needs to be done. Education Minister Nick Gibb is quoted as saying that the current leadership is working to “remedy the problems that were caused by failing to prepare for this baby boom by the previous government”. But much more needs to be done to resolve the problem.

Figures suggest that since 2010, the numbers of children ages between 5 to 7 years has dramatically risen by 200%. These numbers now top 100,000! It’s got to the point where councils are seriously fearing the “super sizing” of classes – where each class will have to contain 30 or more children at a time.

But how can list cleaning tools be used effectively in situations like these? What effect can they have on bringing concrete solutions to the issue? The simple answer: Public pressure!

As part of their data management strategy, if school councils and other social organizations were to include comprehensive contact list cleansing protocols, a lot more public awareness could be garnered around the problem. Currently, where:

  • outreach efforts are stifled because of misdirected mail
  • vital information is “returned to sender” because address list cleansing isn’t practiced
  • important emailed information bounces back because email addresses are not properly constructed

list cleansing can help reduce or even greatly eliminate such problems. The end result: Far greater numbers of members of the public will become privy to the impending primary schooling challenges. More community organizations, tutor services like Adelaide home tutor and Social Welfare groups will learn firsthand the possible implications of not addressing the upcoming challenges quickly. In short, a good data management strategy will ensure that outreach efforts will meet with success – thanks to list cleansing!

And because cleaning address, email and contact lists manually is almost an impossible task, especially when it comes to manual list cleansing processes, the creators of WinPure have stepped up to the plate with a unique solution. With the help of their suite of tools, non-profit organizations, government bodies and corporate entities can:

  • check large lists for duplicate entries
  • purge unnecessary contacts from databases
  • flag unreadable email and mailing addresses for possible corrections

making list cleaning far more efficient and effective. With the help of a cleaner and more accurate list, organizations will have much greater success with their outreach efforts. And because WinPure is available on popular IT platforms, including Windows XP-SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 and Windows 8, it is a far more cost-effective list cleaning solution than many high-end products available in the market today.

By Mike Hughes | November 13th, 2014 | Posted in List Cleaning

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