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In direct marketing, it is no surprise that you’d feel overwhelmed by all the recalcitrant spam, junk mails, and unwanted sales calls and text messages that may start to irritate even the most patient person. Generally, direct marketing is an efficient form of marketing and was pioneered by David Ogilvy and Lester Wunderman. This form of marketing approach paved way for more effective brand campaigns for from the time it has been conceptualized and it is considered as a very sophisticated method of getting in touch with your target market  on a one-on-one basis. As of today, this approach is adapted by many individual marketers, companies, and business owners to generate more sales and profit.

Furthermore, direct marketing approach is the forerunner of today’s most advanced digital campaigns. Actually, there are countless DM advocates who are willing to argue about the idea that mobile and digital technology are considered as simply subsets of direct marketing. There are those who feared that with the dawn of the so-called digital age, DM’s reign will finally be cut off. In this day and age, DM is reduced to data management, shortchanged to gathering leads, contacting clients, and maintaining a harmonious relationship with existing clients. Most of the time, direct marketing is done through telephone calls.

Today, we see the coming of the Year of Mobile. Great advancements are expected as more and more people learn to leverage on mobile technologies. There are various apps that we utilize everyday and they can literally control our lives as we allow our mobile phones to keep us connected to all the information that we need. We even use mobile technologies for a better shopping experience which explains why virtual stores are growing in number. Check out this wonderful direction app

Smartphones are being used by consumers in shopping for various items from electronics to appliances. And the trend is that once a shopper was able to use her phone for shopping, she tends to make more purchases after that.  Mobile commerce reached $23.72 billion in 2012 and is projected to hit the $37.44 billion mark in 2013.

Marketers should take advantage of this knowledge to build better relationships with their customers. Mobile purchase information can be used to establish loyalty and deliver better and more personalized services. However, business owners must also be prepared for the challenge of managing and maintaining reliable data and business information. With billions of dollars in expected purchases, there are also tons of data that to be stored and managed. Given the right information, these will help marketers and businesses to focus and know their customers better. On the other hand, if data is mismanaged and erroneous, this could lead to serious repercussions and bad image for the company. Investing in coverdell esa might entail certain costs and a bit of investment on your art but this will definitely provide and ensure effective and efficient use of data to keep up with the fast-paced mobile marketing boom. In other words, it will be an investment that is worth taking and would generate positive returns. Contact WinPure today and learn how we can help to improve the quality of your data.

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