Since Sept 7th 2014, Royal Mail commenced a series of Sunday delivery pilots from 100 of its delivery offices across the UK. And with that, the hot debate about data cleansing will once again come front and center for many. Why? Because removing duplicates from mailing lists is bound to become a priority for small and large organisations alike.

With more people receiving mail on Sundays, marketers, polling companies, charitable organizations and a host of other businesses will now want to ensure that their mailing databases are in pristine order. People have more time on Sundays to read their mail and contemplate on the message that organizations are sending them. And unless a comprehensive data cleansing effort is conducted to purge mailing lists from duplicate and erroneous addresses:

  • thousands of homes, offices, individuals and groups will end up unnecessarily receiving multiple copies of materials they already have read. That’s indeed a waste of money for cash strapped companies, and removing those duplicates from mailing lists will go a long way to address that issue!
  • thousands more will likely never receive the Sunday mail strategically targeted to them. That’s because poor data cleansing will mean incorrect addresses exist on the lists, or invalid data characters populate mailing lists. This too is a gross waste of funds!

Royal Mail notes that one of the objectives for testing Sunday delivery is so that people not at home during regular working days will find it more convenient to receive their mail. So what if the mailing lists and address databases used by organizations aren’t accurate? Would organisations targeting mail recipients really benefit from this Sunday delivery initiative? The answer is: Definitely Not!

And that’s where dedupe mailing list tools like WinPure will help.

Whether its government mail, mail sent by pollsters, charitable organisations seeking pledges for a worthy cause, or marketers sending online shoppers tempting Sunday deals – all could benefit from a tool that can help removing duplicates from their mailing databases.

The bottom line is, the more accurate an organisations mailing campaign is, the more effective they will get at accomplishing the objectives for which the mail is being sent. And with Sunday delivery now in place (albeit in pilot mode), there’s no better time to use data cleansing tools like WinPure to get mailing lists in order.

With WinPure being available on a multitude of common computing platforms, Windows XP-SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 and Windows 8, the tool becomes a natural choice for most organisations to use as part of their data cleansing strategy. And best of all, because it does not require high-end IT and computing equipment and infrastructure (like expensive servers, routers and communications devices), WinPure can quickly be implemented using a company’s existing IT investment.

With so much at stake, removing duplicates from mailing lists and contact addresses is the best way for organizations, both large and small, to take advantage of Royal Mail’s Sunday delivery pilot!

By Mike Hughes | November 13th, 2014 | Posted in Data Cleansing

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