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In business and commercial organizations, data integration and correlation are routine activities that are carried out to collect large amounts of information. This information is usually obtained from multiple sources which lead to duplication and inaccurate data. To obtain integrated, consistent database that is free from any sort of discrepancies, data clean up is required. This duplicate elimination or data cleanup is the main activity in the data cleaning procedure. The procedure of detecting and eliminating duplicates from a particular data is called as Deduplication.
Deduplication is a major problem in the data cleansing arena. Data cleansing is an important step in maintaining and populating data ware houses. Due to the differences in the conventions in the external sources data from the various sources does not conform to the standards needs of the data warehouses. The data cleanup is therefore required to be cleaned before it can be used for data analysis. The data clean up tasks include deduplication, record matching and column segmentation that are different from the traditional relational operators.
Data Clean up Software

Data Clean up Software

There are many different types of methods that are used to take care of deduplication problem. Some solutions utilize the hierarchies that are present in database relations to discover duplicates while others are independent solutions. These independent solutions are based on standard similarity function such as cosine metric, edit distance, etc. is defined on the attributes of the tuples. A dedupe software solution helps in the deduplication process and data clean up.
WinPure provides these easy to use and affordable data clean up and list cleaner products. These user friendly products correct, clean, deduplicate and standardize lists in Excel, Access, Text files and other databases. There are many list cleaning, cleaning data, merge purge software in the market, WinPure has many list cleaning and data clean up software to choose from.
WinPure offers data cleanup software that includes WinPure ListCleaner Pro, WinPure List Cleaner Lite & WinPure Clean & Match 2012. WinPure ListCleaner Pro has 8 powerful modules that can clean, correct and dedupe contact lists from Access, Outlook, Excel, and other databases. The software allows you to increase the efficiency of your organization. WinPure ListCleaner Pro also provides special data filtering techniques that help to import larger data files. Data clean up helps in streamlining the database and removing inaccurate entries.
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