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cleandataData cleansing is a valuable process that can help companies save time and increase their efficiency. Data cleansing software tools are used by various organisations to remove duplicate data, fix and amend badly-formatted, incorrect and amend incomplete data from marketing lists, databases and CRM’s.  They can achieve in a short period of time what could take days or weeks for an administrator working manually to fix. This means that companies can save not only time but money by acquiring data cleaning tools.

Data cleansing is of particular value to organisations that have vast swathes of data to deal with. These organisations can include banks or government organisations but small to medium enterprises can also find a good use for the programmes. In fact, it’s suggested by many sources that any firm that works with and hold data should invest in cleansing tools. The tools should also be used on a regular basis as inaccurate data levels can grow quickly, compromising database and decreasing business efficiency.

Data Cleansing for a Cleaner Database

Companies may also find that cleansing enables them to remain compliant with standards that are legally expected of them. In most territories, companies are duty-bound to ensure that their data is as accurate and current as possible. The tools can be used for everything from correcting spelling mistakes to postcodes, whilst removing unnecessary records from systems, which means that space can be preserved and that information that is no longer needed – or data which companies are no longer permitted to keep – can be removed simply, quickly and efficiently. Users of data cleansing software can set their own rules to increase the efficiency of a database, making the capabilities of the cleansing software as applicable to the company’s needs and requirements as possible.

Some common problems with databases can also include incorrectly formatted phone numbers and e-mail addresses, rendering clients and customers uncontactable. The software can be used to put things right in a matter of seconds. This makes it a perfect tool for companies that need to stay in touch with outside parties. Meanwhile, companies that employ more than one database – companies that are spread across various branches or offices for example – can use the tools to ensure that each branch of their organisation can share the same accurate information.

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Better Mailing Systems with Data Cleansing

Incorrect data has in the past been blamed for various businesses and residential customers receiving mail from companies that is not relevant to them. This is not only relevant to postal mail but to e-mail too. The more irrelevant mail businesses come across, the harder it can be to identify important mail. Data cleansing can reduce the chances of companies being targeted with irrelevant mail, ensuring that important communications are not lost amongst the debris and that they are opened and read.

It’s also widely agreed upon that companies that send out information that is irrelevant to their recipients can see their reputation hit as a result, inadvertently portraying themselves as bad people to do business with and becoming a source of annoyance to residential customers. This is just one of the reasons why data cleansing can be so advantageous to businesses.

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